100 Home Workouts by AJAC: No Gym, No Problem

Alexander J.A Cortes
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Corona has fucked everyone’s workouts up...

But it does NOT mean you cannot train. 

The workouts in this guide are all simple, at home workouts that can be done with little to No equipment. You have 100 you can choose from. Over half of them are nothing but your bodyweight. And there is no workout in here that uses anything more than ONE kind of training implements.
  • -Are you confined to nothing but bodyweight? I’ve got you covered
  • -You’re lucky enough to hair a pair of dumbbells? You’ve got choices
  • -You miraculously have a BARBELL and PLATES to train with, but nothing else (no squat rack, no bench, no squat stand)? We got you covered on that also 
You don’t know what to do at home? Now you have lots and lots and lots of options.
Do the workouts, stay fit, and keep yourself sharp. You have over 100 workouts to choose from. 

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100 Home Workouts by AJAC: No Gym, No Problem

32 ratings
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