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Build Muscle, Get Stronger, And Make Gains In Only 3 Days A Week

* Imagine experiencing guaranteed results from the first program you ever followed

* Imagine going to the gym with 100% confidence that your workout would get you stronger and build muscle

* Imagine being 100% confident that you were maximizing your time in the gym and not wasting a single rep

* Imagine learning how to train yourself and feeling confident that you are in control of your health

* Imagine making "gains" continuously and not experiencing plateaus in training

All of the above is possible.

And it is not improbable or a pipe dream either.

I'll share with you a "secret" to results in the gym that should not be a secret.

With the right exercise selection, and the right sets and reps, you will ALWAYS get results from training—from your very first day in the gym.

Resistance training, ie, lifting weights, is not a mystical, magical process.

It works for everyone, for everybody, and every TYPE of body.

I have been a personal trainer since 2010.

I have trained thousands of sessions with clients and have been in the gym nearly daily for the past decade.

If I had to pick ONE reason why people don't get "results" from training, it would be this.

They simply DO NOT perform effective exercises.

People waste time on movements that are "low" in their effectiveness. And they do not spend enough time on the exercises that really WORK.

This makes their workouts ineffective. And it leads to weeks, months, years of wasted time.

How can you avoid this? 
Simple, you learn from the beginning what exercises work and perform workouts that consist of those exercises.

The Strength & Muscle 5x10 Program is your Foundational program for getting results from training.

This is not a "perfect" program, but I designed it to be the BEST program for the broadest number of people.

Its program goals are simple

✅ Get you stronger

✅ Help you build muscle

This is a BEGINNER program.

It is for people new to lifting weights seriously and want serious results.

This program has many influences.

I've worked for years to create an easy-to-follow "anyone can do it" program that works for novices and people who want to get back into lifting weights after time away.

I've tested for years the easiest program models and workouts to follow.

I've tested what exercises worked for the broadest number of people and would consistently deliver results with minimal modification needed.

I talked to thousands about their issues following a program and how misunderstanding, complication, and uncertainty affected their confidence and discipline.

Over the past decade, I watched barbell-only programs become famous.

I watched them deliver mediocre results regarding muscle mass, and many people experienced plateaus and injuries as they inevitably realized that training only with the barbell and only with low reps was hard on the joints and did not have a sufficient muscle-building stimulus. 

While there is no perfect program, I believe this program is as good as it gets in delivering significant physical changes in the most simple setup possible, with exercises and workouts that anyone can learn and that work for all body types. 

Who Am I?

I'm Alexander Cortes.

And I’m an accredited personal trainer, experienced in training men and women for 10+ years

Over 186K Twitter and 45K Instagram followers (@aja_cortes), 44K email subscribers. My fitness programs and courses have been purchased by over 50,000 people

I have built a Skill Stack over 10 Years, leading to my freedom. Along with expertise in health and fitness topics, these skills include writing online and running a business as a solo entrepreneur.

My training Programs make you leaner, stronger, smarter, Bro’er.

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FREE: Strength and Muscle 5x10

53 ratings
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