Accelerated Fat Loss Challenge Group for Men


Lose 11-15+ lbs of Pure Body Fat in 8 Weeks Using the Power of Accountability and Social Support

Follow the most scientifically proven method. No cardio is necessary. No complicated macros. Spend minimal time doing exercise.

What You Will Experience

➤ 1-2lbs of pure body fat lost every week, without extreme hunger and never feeling full.

➤ Simple workouts that promote fat burning and preserve muscle mass. 30 minutes 3 times a week is all that is required

➤ Learn lifelong habits to stay lean. Fat loss is temporary, but being lean is a lifestyle that anyone can live.

➤ And most important, the social support and accountability you need to stay on track

Does this Speak to You?

➤ You seriously want to lose body fat, but consistent fat loss results have always eluded you

➤ You have tried to “outwork” your diet, only to be burned out at trying to exercise so much you 

➤ You have tried popular diets for periods of time, but you still don't know how to get lean and STAY lean. 

➤ You don't want complexity, you want simplicity. Following simple instructions is what you need, not theories 

➤ You understand that HOPE is not a plan, you want to KNOW 100% that your diet and workouts are working 

➤ You have struggled HARD with accountability. You are tired of failing at being consistent 

➤ You want your time spent losing fat to finally WORK.

➤ You wish you had someone to keep you on track with your fat loss goals. You know need someone on your ass basically 

If any of the above resonates, then you should join the Accelerated Fat Loss Challenge Group.

Hold yourself and others accountable by executing what works for fat loss. And what works does not require dietary gimmicks, complications, or hours either.

I spent over a decade studying the science of fat loss, but the answer to permanent fat loss is fundamentally PSYCHOLOGICAL. 

I became a personal trainer in 2010. Fat loss was and still is the most desired goal of my clients and online audience. 

12 years ago, I thought the solution to fat loss was physical. With the right education, the right workouts, the right diet, and the right choices, anyone could succeed.

This approach worked, sometimes. But education alone was not enough. Knowing how to train was not enough.

The issue with fat loss is not a “How” problem, everyone has some general idea of how to lose fat.

The issue is a WHY problem.

The problem was this

➤ People lacked Motivation-People were motivated to lose fat, they wanted to lose fat, but their intrinsic motivation would wane, largely because of…

➤ People lacked Social enforcement-Imagine you started a new job and EVERYONE at the office did group workouts during lunchtime, the management provided healthy meals, and everyone encouraged each other to get fit and enjoy being fit. Sounds like a dream right? People will always copy the behavior of those around them. Its human nature

But most people's social environments work against them. You can be motivated, but when everyone around is living the opposite of how you are trying to live, it's impossible not to be discouraged, because…

➤ People lacked accountability-Imagine if the people in your daily life cared about your success and wanted you to win. Your probability of success would massively increase. Not only would you be encouraged, but you would be held accountable to others. Again, the opposite of this is being irresponsible and knowing no one will care if you slip up or fail. We don't want that.

The best way then to ensure you win at fat loss is to win TOGETHER with other people on the same journey as you.

When you sign up for this program, you get the following:

1. Eight weeks of access to the private Telegram group

2. Direct access to me in the group. Ask anything about fat loss and fitness. I will personally help you.

3. Custom meal plans and workouts (on request)

4. Social enforcement

The group provides access to people who are on the same journey as yours.

Simply being around them (even just on a computer) and hearing them discuss topics such as health, fitness and fat loss, and participating with good intentions, WILL encourage you to adopt the same behaviour.

This provides constant motivation during your entire journey and you can't help but succeed.

5. Accountability

Not only would you be encouraged, but you would be held accountable to others within the group.

So you better be diligent about your diet and workouts because you're going to have to share your progress at least TWICE a week.

6. Daily Emails With Specific Fat Loss Tips & Tricks

Immediately after your purchase, you'll start receiving an email detailing how to prepare for the challenge.

And then for each day after that, you'll receive one email, for 12 days (I'm adding more). They'll be tiny fat loss tidbits that'll help you in your challenge.

They'll teach you everything you need to know to lose fat.

And you also get these FIVE Bonuses (all of my best Fat Loss Writings)...

1. Accelerated Fat Loss 4.0 ($44 value)

My best-selling fat loss program. The blueprint you'll use to lose fat in this program, and also for the rest of your life. (3000+ sales)

2. “Make Zero Decision” Protein Meal Plan Sheet

➤ Doesn’t matter if you weigh 140lbs or 250lbs or more, there’s a meal plan in this sheet that’s designed for your specific weight

➤ Two versions of each plan. A Beef and a No-Beef option (for some Indians)

➤ Includes everything you have to eat in a single day, when and how much. Supplements are included too. You must NOT DEVIATE from this.

3. The AJAC Diet ($22 value)

➤ Twenty timeless principles that'll serve you extremely well, even for generations if you pass them along.

➤ Teaches you everything you need to know - for this entire lifetime - about the right kind of food to eat that’s nourishing and satiating. You won’t be needing another diet book.

4. Fat loss Secrets - Hormones, Secrets and Uncommon Tactics of Fat loss

Fat loss can be achieved tactically and you'll learn them in this guide:

➤ In-depth details about Insulin and how it's related to fat and its myths

➤ The most powerful "natural" fat burner that no one mentions

➤ Top 10 fat loss supplements and how to take them

➤ 30 uncommon tactics and facts of fat loss

5. AJAC Old School Fat loss Plan - Learn how to lose fat without counting calories ($35 value)

Learn how the Classic and Golden Age Bodybuilders - like Lee Haney, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Serge Nubret, Sergio Oliva, Larry Scott, and Steeve Reeves - achieved SINGLE DIGIT body fat WITHOUT counting calories!


"RafiqRe" lost 28lbs (13 kg) in 8 weeks

Jake lost 54lbs (24kg) in 8 weeks. But this isn't typical of the group. The group average is 11-12lbs fat loss.

FYI-the group is for MEN ONLY. I reiterate this is a Men's only group.

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Accelerated Fat Loss Challenge Group for Men

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