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Alexander J.A Cortes
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Bodyweight training is the easiest and most simple way to get strong, lean and athletic. It builds foundational motor skills, it teaches you how to train yourself and have body awareness, and it builds strength and muscle that transfers over to ANY kind of physical activity that you do.

Relative bodyweight strength (how strong you are at basic BW exercises) is the most direct indicator that you’ve built muscle, strength, and improved bodycomposition.

Historically as well, every kind of Warrior class in history did “bodyweight” training. Calisthenics have existed since the dawn of time, and depictions of athletes doing bodyweight training exist in artwork in from Ancient Greece, are described in historical records from Ancient Sparta, are in training manuals for Knights from Medieval Europe, and all the way up to present day.

The Bodyweight Warrior Program is grounded in this historical proof

The program is to be for 8-12 weeks, and you will be training 4 days weekly. These workouts are very short, consisting of only THREE exercises



Squats (bodyweight squats)

It is a SIMPLE program obviously. This program is designed for you to be able to other activities (like learning how to box for example), and it will not excessively tire you out and interfere at all with your energy levels or recovery.

As simple as this program is, its not without intelligence.

Bodyweight training is often haphazard and overlooks the reality that bodyweight training can be PROGRAMMED and PLANNED, just as you would do with conventional training that uses free weights.

The program still follows progressive overload, alternating levels of intensity, and you will GROW from it

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FREE PROGRAM: Bodyweight Warrior

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