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Fight Club Physique: Rage Against the Modern World

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Fight Club Physique: Rage Against the Modern World

Alexander J.A Cortes
120 ratings

You don't need a gym 

If you have your body, and the most minimal amount of equipment, you can Mentally and Physically Transform YOURSELF

Defy and thrive in the Modern World

Fight Club is a 3 Month, Mind/Body Development Program to Make You Leaner, Stronger, and More Resilient

  • Train 6 days a week with simple but brutally effective bodyweight workouts
  • 30 minutes daily equals more muscle, more coordination, and increased athleticism
  • Develop your kinesthetic intelligence and Learn how to train for Life 
  • Learn to Set higher standards for yourself in every part of your life

  • Become a Bold Decision Maker By Learning How to Program Your Mind for Action 
  • Learn how to lose Bodyfat through hardcore intermittent fasting
  • Cut the bullshit from your life by learning to set boundaries and eliminate non-priorities

Do you Have a Chinup Bar? 

Can you use scissors and tape to cut tow straps and make yourself some suspension straps? 
Do you have a door and chairs in your house? 

If YES to all the above, you can do this program

Man is symbol of himself, and you are going to live the rest of your life of the living embodiment of everything you think feel breathe consume and do.

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