King of Deadlifts - Mastering the Deadlift

Alexander J.A Cortes
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The Deadlift, or "DEATHLIFT" as it's often called on social media, has a hallowed reputation for being the lift that most embodies pure BRUTE strength. 

And out of ALL the big 3 lifts is the one that Scares people the most.

But that no longer needs to be the situation. 

In this comprehensive guide, I cover the deadlift in excruciating detail.

  • Why it's the most fundamental movement to learn
  • The 5 Exact Steps for Proper Technique 
  • The Most common mistakes that lead to major injury
  • How to deadlift as a beginner, intermediate, and advanced lifter
  • Why your heavy squatting might be interfering with your heavy deadlifting
  • How to diagnose your own weak points and overcome them
  • Why plateaus happen
  • How to strengthen the spine against injury 
  • A 10 Week program to smash a New Personal Record in the deadlift

This guide covers every possible question you could have and more. 

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King of Deadlifts - Mastering the Deadlift

3 ratings