AJAC Longevity Program

Alexander J.A Cortes
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Train Smarter to Train Harder

As you age, your body accumulates wear and tear. Injuries, aches and pain, physical and mental stresses, these all affect your physical health. 

Getting older does NOT mean physically declining though, but it does mean you need to be smarter in how you train.  

Many many people inadvertently strain, aggravate, and injure themselves through outdated training ideas that they have. The body you have at 35 is not the same body you at 15 in high school in the weight room or on the field. 

This program is the Training philosophy a practical guide on the most effective Workout strategies to employ if you are 35 or older.

  • If you are wanting to continue build muscle as you
  • If you are wanting to improve mobility.
  • If you are wanting to decrease bodyfat.
  • If you want to avoid injuries
  • If you want to have PEAK health for the rest of your life

Then this program IS for You 

Training when you are are "older" means training smart. It requires creativity in exercise selection and usage, and not blindly following dogma of what should and should not be done. 

It requires training today to train again tomorrow, a long-term mindset to set yourself up for a lifetime of results and great health. 

And most of all it requires patience, because no matter what level of results people get, everyone always wishes things would go faster.

This approach embraces the undeniable realities that MUST be dealt with as you age. I’ve been training clients for 10 years, I’ve seen the aging process first hand. There are definite differences between a human body at age 20 versus age 40.

While it is common sentiment to believe that one’s “prime” has passed, the truth is that at any age muscle can be built, health can be improved, and optimal training can yield superlative results. 

Longevity programs teaches you how. 


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AJAC Longevity Program

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