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Who is Holding You Accountable?

Modern man today lacks connection, he lacks fellow men who push to make him better, to think more clearly, and to act more decisively.

He lacks camaraderie, and he lives his life alone in his endeavors and his struggles

This Does Not Need To Be YOU

If you are a man with a mind towards self-development, it's quite likely you find yourself "A Man Apart" in your life

  • You do not know any like-minded men who are driven like yourself
  • You do not have any male friends that you feel improve you and hold you accountable
  • You do not have any men you can talk to about deep topics and have a conversation with
  • You do not know any men who hold themselves to high standards like yourself

This is a Real Problem

Men need brotherhood. Flat out. If you are a man and you feel alone in the world, life can be more painful than it needs to be.

What Can You Do Then?

I cannot solve the problem of where you live physically...I can offer you a solution digitally though


The AJAC Tribe is is a passionate group of unapologetically masculine men who have rejected the mainstream narrative, mainstream beliefs, and have come together in brotherhood.

AJAC Tribe is MY personal group. Every man in the group is serious, healthy, and dedicated to constantly becoming a better version of himself.

If you are a normie, dont fucking join.

If you are expecting political correctness, dont fucking join.

If you want professionalism, Again, dont fucking join

This is a Group of Men who spit in the face of modernity and all its bullshit.

A Group of Men who share victories, share success, and have zero filters

If you are looking for a generic fitness group to talk protein shake recipes and other lame bullshit, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU

What Do You Get Being a Part of AJAC Tribe? 

  • 24/7 access to AJAC himself for questions about all things health and fitness
  • Daily accountability from your fellows
  • Daily training motivation and checks in 
  • Opportunity for guidance on life, relationships, and career from older and more experienced men
  • A Mens only space free of normie bullshit and devoid of lame beta soyboys

What are Men Saying about being a part of the AJAC Tribe? 

When you said at the beginning of last year that "No one is coming to save you".

I kid you not,it changed my life.

Like the missing piece to a puzzle was put in place.

I've never felt,looked or been better in my entire life,in or out of the Army.

And the best part is,I'm only getting started.

I have a tribe,a place where I belong and a sense of purpose.

I will forever be thankful.


Put simply, AJAC’s Inner Circle is one of the most helpful and inspiring groups of men to be found anywhere.

I’ve deleted Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram.

My social media consists basically of Twitter (because I’m a Bitcoiner) and a few Telegram groups, the Inner Circle being at the top of that list.

If you are a man who wants to cultivate masculinity you should join, if you have young sons and want to embody a good example you should join, if you’re an ass-kicker and want an inspirational group of men with whom to share your wins and challenges you should join.

And if you’re out of shape and want to better yourself, you should stop reading this and join right now.

I’m very grateful to have found this group, it’s been an oasis of sanity in times where the clowns of the world seem bent on outdoing each other.



I bought a bodyweight strength training program from AJAC and there was an offer to join his Inner Circle telegram group then. I joined it on a whim and it's been transformative. The highly nuanced and super effective training and nutrition advice from AJAC is the highlight as far as I'm concerned. However, the conversations have all been super high quality and nuanced. There have been conversations about spirituality, literature, finance, businesses, mindset and a host of other important topics. Everyone on the group is trying to better themselves and each other. The overall positive effect is enormous and I've grown to rely on the camraderie there to keep me pushing forward. It's also got a special place in my life since I designed the logo along with a few others on the group and it's more or less become official. My first calligraphic piece that became mainstream. Can't recommend it highly enough.



The AJAC Tribe. Does not require a membership or application (although I reserve the right to remove people if they violate the sanctity of the group). All sales are final.

I want this!


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AJAC Tribe Membership

27 ratings
I want this!