The Achilles Program - Crafting the Body of a DemiGod

Alexander J.A Cortes
93 ratings

The Flagship Program from AJAC

  • Completed by over 2,500 trainees since 2018

  • 100% 5 Star Reviews.

  • Real Life success stories, no photoshop, no drugs, no BS. Real men with REAL Results

    The Achilles Program I originally created in 2018. Inspired by the many, many men Ive trained over the years that would mention have an "Achilles" looking physique, I set out to create an effective, straightforward program that would reliably build aesthetic muscle, build functional strength, and have the option to help men get LEANER and more conditioned as well.

    This trifecta is not easy to achieve, but it can be done. The "secret sauce" of this program is effective exercise selection, hard workouts, disciplined dieting, and COMMITMENT.

  • Achilles begins with a 12 Week base program,

  •  5-days a week lifting

  • 3-days of assigned cardio

  • Detailed ab training

  • a strict diet to follow throughout

  • PLUS, a 4 week bonus training phase, bringing the total length of the program to 16 weeks

Done to the letter, you would be hard pressed NOT to undergo some major physical changes after 3-4 months. 

This program requires GYM ACCESS. It cannot be done at home, unless you have a well equipped home gym


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The Achilles Program - Crafting the Body of a DemiGod

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