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Ancient Athletics

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The Train like the Ancients email series was a wide ranging and fascinating exploration of how athletes trained in the Ancient world. Now I have compiled ALL of these emails together into a organized series of essays

  • Train Like the Ancients #1: Sunlight and its Role in Health 
  • Heal Like the Ancients #2: METH and Light vs RICE 
  • Train like the Ancients #4-Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Hygiene 
  • Train Like the Ancients #5-Sports Science in the Age of Heroes 
  • The Diet of the Ancients #6-Fasting, Rich Food, and Leanness through Lifestyle 
  • Madness of the Ancients #8-Mental Illness in a World of Gods and Monsters 
  • Psychotherapy of the Ancients #9-Stoicism? Writing, and False Wisdom 
  • Train like the Ancients #10 The Key Exercises, and reflections on the Squat 
  • Think Like the Ancients #11: Chad Cynicism and Diogenes 
  • Live Like the Ancients #12-Bronze Age Heroes 
  • Lift Like the Ancients #13-Deadlifting in Ancient Times 

And Bonus Content!

  • Tight Greek A$$ aka Why Were the Greeks So Muscular? 
  • Ancient Greek Bodybuilding 
  • Ancient Greek Shoulder Workout 
  • Ancient Greek Back Training 
  • Julius Caesar says to do Hammer Curls 
  • Barbarians...
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Ancient Athletics

23 ratings
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