Banshee Program

Alexander J.A Cortes
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My last two programs, Pretty Girl Program and Female Fortitude, they were were written for beginner and intermediate female lifters.

Since I wrote them, I’ve had many requests for an “advanced” program for women, especially something that’s designed for strength and muscle gain, and is more than 4 days a week.

ASS and legs-every woman wants toned legs and a nice ass. There’s no other way of saying this. In 9 years, I’ve never had a single female client not request that she really really really wants a more shapely derriere.

Arms and posture-Obviously most women do not want “big arms” but every woman wants “toned” arms. And in regards to posture, I think often that women notice posture more than men. Posture is back strength however, which makes training back paramount.

Banshee program is a 5 day a week, high frequency program that has you doubling and tripling up on lower body workouts. 

This is a MASS Gain for ASS Gain program, to be very clear. If you've been wanting to push lower body growth, this is for you ladies. 

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Banshee Program

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