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AJACS Crypto Guide for Bros

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The Cryptocurrency Guide for BROS

Like many of you reading this, I am not a programmer. 

I am not a blockchain expert. 

I am a BRO, a personal trainer, and my experience in crypto has been that of an “average joe” trying to learn about something that is still NOT readily accessible or understandable by the general public.

How often have you been intrigued by Crypto and WANTED to learn more? 

But "Crypto" education is information dense, jargon laden, scammy, confusing, filled with weirdo autists that make fun of you for asking basic questions, and the few good books that exist are lengthy to read and digest

Crypto suffers from its own Success

Crypto for most people is intimidating to try to figure out, with a steep learning curve. And real talk, its largely a bunch of techie nerds that talk about it online, which if you dont come from that world, you dont know whats even being talked about most of the time

If You are "Noob" to Crypto, you are going to be Confused, A LOT

My first foray into buying crypto was in 2017. I had no clue what I was doing and bought BTC right before it dropped in late December. 

Since that time I have steadily increased my investing, and crypto is now a major part of my overall investment strategy in the long term. As my business has grown, so too has my ability to invest. 

Learning about Crypto corresponded with my education in how to think about money as I made more money from my business.

I have spent the 3 and half years studying Crypto, and while I do not remotely claim "expert" status, I know enough to explain the fundamentals and principles to the uninitiated 

I didn’t create this guide to bestow anyone secret strategies and esoteric insider knowledge.

I wrote this guide like I would my training programs actually. It covers principles, terminology, technical but simple understanding, and is written to teach you how to THINK about crypto. And hopefully buy it, if you feel comfortable doing that.

I cover all the "dumb" questions that you've probably been too embarassed to ask

-Whats a blockchain

-What does "decentralized" even mean?

-Whats a coin, whats a token? Are they the same thing? 

-How is BTC "money"? 

-Why are there so many different coins

-How does a wallet work? 

When I first go into crypto I had many many questions, and I was always put off by hard it was to find Straightforward answers without being sold something, or being ridiculed and told to stay away. 

The whole experience constantly left me dissatisfied and wishing someone had a simple guide or article that covers basic concepts and terms, and got to the point. 

After enough time, I decided to WRITE IT MYSELF

To be very clear, This IS NOT a get rich quick guide.

I did not write this to share the next alt coin that is going to MOON 10,000x, or to teach you how to trade (the investment strategies I share are extremely boring and advise against risk taking) 

I wrote this for total novices, like I once was. 

I firmly BELIEVE crypto is something you NEED to know about and understand for the future 

Said simply, the crypto industry is revolutionising the world.

As of right now it is 2021. Crypto has gone through another correction, and Bitcoin is presently at $38,000 per 1 BTC, with articles being written that it’s “dead”. For perspective, BTC was as low as $3,000 last year.

I don't think it is “dead”. In fact I think this is likely to be a fantastic time to BUY.

Crypto is a volatile market, without question, but it is one with immense growth, major potential, and it will NOT be going away. It’s my belief it will continue to grow, as it has since 2013, and will continue to become a parallel economy worth trillions of dollars (a mark it already passed last year)

At the time of this guide (May 2021), inflation is becoming a reality, the purchasing power of the dollar has gone down, prices have gone up, and the current economic talk is talking heads being surprised at how this could happen, with public sentiment wondering if a recession is coming.

Your dollar is worth LESS today than it was a year ago. 

A growing percentage of the government bond market is currently delivering negative interest rates. (At one time government bonds were considered as good as real dollars and investing in them was a guaranteed return. Today there are bonds that pay you LESS than your investment)

With the amount of money printing done by central banks since March 2020, your money is being devalued, QUICKLY, and you need to find a way around this.

You cannot afford to be naive. This is not galaxy brain prediction making.

The current Crypto market cap (basically a dollar value assessment of ALL the money in the market is) is 1.7 Trillion Dollars as current.

That is A LOT of money. In 2017, the last peak in the market, it was estimated at $790 billion.

That's a 115% increase. And the increasing adoption means it will be continuing to rise.

If you’ve been putting off investing in crypto’s because it seems to difficult to comprehend, NOW is the time to start learning

This guide will serve as your introduction to crypto, covering all the basics, answering remedial questions, and making you more financially informed and capable 

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AJACS Crypto Guide for Bros

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