Ectomorph Training: How To Gain Muscle and Build Strength If You Are Naturally Skinny

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Ectomorph Training: How To Gain Muscle and Build Strength If You Are Naturally Skinny

Alexander J.A Cortes
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ECTOMORPH TRAINING is a comprehensive guide covering all the training, dietary, and lifestyle strategies to maximize strength and hypertrophy for Ectos. 

Are you an Ectomorph?

  • You have naturally low bodyfat, but are not naturally muscular either
  • You have long limbs, but a thinner bone structure
  • You have narrow hips and waist, and skinny legs
  • You’ve got bony shoulders that click a lot, and a flat chest
  • You have a “fast metabolism” and its difficult to gain weight
  • You can eat a lot sometimes, but your appetite can also be very low
  • Your digestion can vary between being fast, or being slow. Some foods simply don't agree with you
  • You’ve never had much bodyfat, but your ribs stick out, and having abs while being 140lbs is not that impressive
  • You have lifted weights, but you feel like low reps don’t work well, or you tend to get joint pain in your wrist and elbows
  • You feel like you overtrain easily, and some programs you’ve tried left you exhausted more than they built any muscle

If this sounds like yourself, you are definitely an ECTOMORPH. 

Ectomorph is one of the three Somatotypes.

It is the “skinny” type, built long and thin and lean, but also often not very strong, and not muscular like the Mesomorph.

Ectos are often envied for their inability to gain weight, but their biggest obstacle is also….their inability to gain weight. Ectos are most often considered hardgainers, as they simply do not gain muscle very quickly.

Ectomorphs are often called a “hardgainer”, but that term itself is grossly overused.

Ectomorphs CAN build muscle, and they CAN gain weight if they eat enough...but the issue is that these gains are “hard” to come by following conventional lifting advice.

-Learn how to Maximize your natural genetics potential through long term training progression

-Optimize your food selection and digestion for peak recovery 

-Learn the distance between progressive overload and progressive resistance, and why it matters for muscle growth

-Make consistent progress by training within your "sweet spot" for hard but smart effort

-Learn the most effective exercises, and the ones that you probably DONT want to waste time on 

-Tie all this together in a 12 Week Recomp Program to have you bigger, leaner, and stronger than you've ever been 

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