Feminine Fortitude

Building muscle, and especially training women, it gets needlessly overcomplicated. 
The Feminine Fortitude Training Series makes it simple. 

Exercises dont have genders, and both women and men to do the same movements. The FF series is an objective program with workouts of tried and proven compound and isolation movements. Its written in plain language and the workouts are challenging, with none of the "fitness entertainment" fluff language that most women's programs are written with. 

FF is a 9 month total program, divided into 3 phases

1. A Beginner Phase (Pretty Girl Program), Training 3 days weekly using basic compound movement. This phase is the intro to the gym and training consistently. 

2. An Intermediate phase training (Feminine Fortitude) 4 days weekly for women that want to trainer harder and more intensely. This phase pushes the volume up and the workout sequences become more challenging 

3. An advanced phase (Banshee Program) of 5-6 days a week in the gym, for those women that want to train "hardcore" and maximize their strength and muscle gain. This phase has you training on an upper/low split, with an emphasis on glute and leg gains

If you are satisfied with your training results after each phase, you can continue to run the same program. But if you want more, you can go onto the next. 

In all phases, the workouts last about 1 hour, and typically can be done a regular commercial gym.

I want this!

Feminine Fortitude

I want this!