The Hercules Program

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The Hercules Program

Alexander J.A Cortes
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Hercules/Herakles-An Ancient Greek/Roman God, the son of Zeus, and considered the greatest of all classical heroes in the Greek/Roman mythology. He was the embodiment of heroic virtues and ideals. Most famous for his 12 Labors, showcasing his strength, power, and intellect. 

What is the Hercules Program?

In studying the training methods of the Ancient Greeks the past so many months, my mind naturally turned towards the synthesis of a training program that combined their various methods and principles.

For a full picture of this research, I’d strongly suggest reading Ancient Athletics.

Ancient Greek athletes did not train randomly, and their training was as effective as any method that exists to today. 

The Hercules Program is a Neoclassical Program that takes inspiration from these ancient methods

Emphasizing functional strength through explosive movements, high reps, and with an emphasis towards power development, the Hercules program is designed to create a body and level of performance that would make you an Athlete of the Ancient times 

The Hercules Program is 6 days a week, combining Calisthenics with Dumbbells into a holistic workout program that favors power, athleticism, and total body strength

Each workout follows a specific structure of an explosive movement, a heavy loaded movement, and two exercises for muscular development and structure. 

You are train to be powerful, training to be strong, and training for muscle mass, all at once. 

Each workout takes no more than 45 minutes as well, making them time efficient and energizing 


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