The AJAC Guide To Neck Training

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Having a chicken neck on top of a big upper body looks very bizarre.

Intuitively human beings recognize a skinny neck on men as denoting weakness, and women too with very thin neck are seen as frail.

The Neck can be trained like any other Part of the Body

Most people do not train it directly though, and this could be a costly mistake.

In this Guide I offer you workouts that range from beginner to advanced, which you can add to your current training.

Having a strong neck will reduce the negative effects of bad posture, and it can make you more resistant to punches. It's of massive help for wrestlers. And finally, it's aesthetically pleasing because

Like every other part of your body, developing strength is an excellent investment, both short term and long term.

Included in this guide are the Practical and Tactical Training Tips:

1) Use a full ROM

2) Warm-up properly

3) No momentum, deliberate tempo, and sustained tension

4) Rep work, not weight work

5) Manual neck resistance works very well for neck training you have a partner to help you

6) For widening the neck, doing neck rotations plus shrugs

And more...

Neck work shouldn't take more than 5 minutes.

4-6 working sets of high rep neck work done twice a week will promote adaptations, and within 4-6 weeks you should see visible changes in your neck muscularity.

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The AJAC Guide To Neck Training

9 ratings
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