The Posture Program

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A Strong Body is most likely to be a pain free body

  • This program is based on a simple concept: strengthen the large muscles around the spine that are typically neglected in most peoples daily routines and overall lifestyle. 
  • I dont make any claims that this program will "fix" pain, but I have received continuous feedback from people who have done that it reduced back/spine/neck muscular pain they were experiencing. 
  • The exercises in the program are "pain free" exercises. I specifically chose them because aside from being effective at build strength/muscle, they are "joint friendly" movements that rarely if ever lead to pain or contribute to it. (this does not mean your muscles wont get sore). They are chosen based on my experiences and knowledge of what exercises are effective in targeting muscles, and which ones are not so effective. 
  • Strengthening muscles with pain free exercises DOES tend to have a very reliable effect in reducing pain in those muscles, which supports the program design. 


You can use all the postural cues you want to remind yourself to stand up straighter, but fundamentally they won't make a long difference. 

You can temporarily straighten yourself out, but these reminders are not permanent solutions.


What is permanent, though, is muscle. Quite simply, if you want your body to feel strong and BE strong, you NEED to have the muscle to support this. 

And more specifically, you need to have the muscle on your posterior chain.

The Posture Program gets you Stronger and Walking Taller in four, 1 hour workouts a Week

The principles within it are simple

-Use basic exercises to strengthen the neglected muscles

-train the body section by section to increase overall and functionality

-build muscle and get stronger to maintain posture for a lifetime

No more feeling bent over by gravity

This program DOES require a gym. It cannot be done at at home unless you have a well equipped home gym. 

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The Posture Program

17 ratings
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