Quads of Gods

Alexander J.A Cortes
5 ratings
  • 12 weeks of programmed training
  • 3 distinct 4 weeks phases emphasizing strength, hypertrophy, and strength endurance
  • Creative and effective exercise sequences
  • The entire body is trained over the training week, not just the lower body
  • Break through your current training plateau 

 The time has come to build bigger, better, stronger legs. 

Quads of Gods is a lower body program, training the quads, glutes, and hamstrings twice weekly in punishing, brutally effective workouts. 

This program is for anyone who wants to prioritize their lower body, and it uses a high volume approach to spur muscle growth 

Quads of Gods is NOT a beginner program. If you've never trained legs hard before and are still struggling to squat bodyweight, this program will bury you. 

If however, you want to challenge yourself to some truly but-busting training and take your leg growth to new levels, quads of gods will deliver


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Quads of Gods

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