AJAC Guide to Shoulder Training

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The shoulder joint is a complex one and is easily aggravated, training shoulders can be a frustrating experience of finding nothing that ever really works, while always dealing with joint irritation and pain.

What most people don’t realize is that Shoulder growth, development, and strength is both genetic and STRUCTURAL.

Depending on the shape and length of your bones, you might naturally have “big” looking shoulders or narrow ones where you have to train hard and frequently to look wider.

There are three different types of shoulder joints, and depending on what structure you have, you’ll need to modify your training.

In this guide, you’ll be learning all the effective ways to train shoulders and build all the muscle you like.

You will learn in this guide:

  • The 10 worst mistakes guys make when training shoulders
  • The 3 types of shoulder joints, and how to determine what kind you have
  • Why heavy overhead pressing can be the WORST thing you could do for shoulders
  • The ONE muscle group you’re not training that could make a HUGE difference in your results
  • How to modify training when you’ve had rotator cuff injuries
  • The top 10 movements for deltoids
  • Why full range of motion might be killing your gains
  • A 4-week specialization program that will have your shoulders stronger and bigger than they have ever been

    And much, much, much more. 

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AJAC Guide to Shoulder Training

27 ratings
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