AJAC Guide to Shoulder Training

Alexander J.A Cortes
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(credit to Steve Pulcinella for the Seven Deadly Shoulder Swoles phrase) 

“Shoulders make the Man”

The origins of this saying are unknown, but the truth of it is not in question. Having “big shoulders” is a hallmark of a powerful and heroic looking physique.

Getting bigger shoulders has the benefits of

-making you look more athletic

-making your waist look small

-making you look leaner and taller

-distinguishing you as being “BUFF” versus only looking like you “workout.”

In bodybuilding it is said that “shows are won from the back”, referring to the back and posterior chain development. This is true, but the first impression is made from the FRONT. Having big shoulders is a distinguishing factor that can make even an otherwise average physique look noteworthy.

Developed shoulders are not only aesthetic either, they are indicative of a man possessing true upper body in his ability to PRESS weights. That requires functional muscular development of the upper body.

Boxers and strongman all have premier shoulder development, and the classic strongmen of the late 1800s and early 1900s considered shoulders to be the strength and power muscles of the upper body, not the chest.

Most guys, when they start lifting, they figure out that shoulders and chest kind of go together. Maybe you do shoulder presses after bench pressing, and then do some lateral raises after chest flys.

Maybe your shoulders grow, maybe they don’t.

For a minority of men, shoulders are EASY to train. Do some DB presses, throw in some lateral raises, and voila! Shoulders.

For many other though, shoulders can be stubborn to train. And as the shoulder joint is a complex one and is easily aggravated, training shoulders can be a frustrating experience of finding nothing that ever really works, while always dealing with joint irritation and pain.

What most guys don’t realize is that Shoulder growth and strength is both genetic and STRUCTURAL.

Depending on the shape and length of your bones, you might naturally have “big” looking shoulders or narrow ones where you have to train hard and frequently to look wider.

There are three different types of shoulder joints, and depending on what structure you have, you’ll need to modify your training.

In this guide, you’ll be learning all the effective ways to train shoulders and build all the muscle you like.

You will learn in this guide:

  • The 10 worst mistakes guys make when training shoulders
  • The 3 types of shoulder joints, and how to determine what kind you have
  • Why heavy overhead pressing can be the WORST thing you could do for shoulders
  • The ONE muscle group you’re not training that could make a HUGE difference in your results
  • How to modify training when you’ve had rotator cuff injuries
  • The top 10 movements for deltoids
  • Why full range of motion might be killing your gains
  • A 4-week specialization program that will have you stretching out your shirtsleeves

And much, much, much more. 


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AJAC Guide to Shoulder Training

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