The Skinny Fat Manifesto

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(Newly Updated - No Gym Required)

Does any of the following describe You?

  • It is hard to gain muscle
  • It is hard to lose fat
  • You do not realize how much you need to clean up your diet
  • You're frustrated that conventional "go lift heavy" advice had not worked that well
  • You get joint pain easily
  • Slow recovery from training

What is a Skinny-Fat man?

Its a guy who is 5'10, 180 lbs...

But his bodyfat is 25%, he has small joints, is not naturally strong, and building muscle is difficult for him.

Its a man whose bodyweight is “normal” weight or only slight overweight according to a BMI according to a BMI chart, but with excess bodyfat and low muscle.

It looks something like this:

  • Low Testosterone Levels, which he often does not realize. Skinny fat guys are prone to being moody, having low libido, and generally be low confidence
  • Increased Body Fat, particularly in the stomach and chest (gynecomastia, aka “man boobs”). These guys are usually "soft bodied" and don't have much in the way of natural muscle or hardness to their physique
  • Small Joints and Naturally Low Strength Levels. This is the factor that makes training frustrating. Having skinny wrists and small bones means maximal strength training really does not work well at all

There are millions of men like this, and they struggle to change their physiques because most conventional fitness advice is powerlifting/strength focused.

Which IF you have strength genetics, this works great.

If you do not though??

😓 You're one of those guys doing 5x5 training, and in 6 months maybe you can deadlift 285lbs, and maybe bench bodyweight a few times, maybe squat two plates a side

😓 BUT, you STILL do not look like you even lift weights. You're not athletic looking at all.

😓 And then your joints start hurting, and someone is telling you its because you need to change up how you're doing the 5 rep stuff

BUT, In reality those exercises are NEVER going to work well for you, and you've gotten marginal results for months and months of training.

Over past decade, I steadily compiled all the specific strategies for diet, training, and lifestyle change into a very comprehensive training guide and lifestyle Manual.


How to get rid of Skinny fatness 101:

  • Train for muscle growth and prioritize submaximal strength gains. That means no more powerlifting kind of training and chasing 1-rep strength maxs. No more low rep sets either.
  • Emphasize relative bodyweight strength gains and rep increases with dumbbells over the barbell
  • Train 1-2 muscles per workout, versus total body, and build the muscle connection one pattern at a time
  • Fully change your diet to one of whole food sources, and emphasize protein intake and healthy fat and carb intake
  • Eat low carbohydrate, making them less than 20% of your daily energy intake, and reap the benefits of increased insulin sensitivity and increased fat burning
  • Cut fat SLOWLY by using small deficits over time, and carb cycle to speed up the process
  • Perform interval cardio strategically, allowing for full recovery, and increase low intensity cardio, which is both easier to recovery from, and does the work of improving your cardiovascular health

But there’s a lot MORE to this! You need to get the manifesto for a complete education on this very common, but unrecognized problem.

The main Program Guide (which is 100+ pages long) covers:

  • What it means to be Skinny Fat
  • Estimating body fat percentage and understanding body dimensions
  • 20 Strategies to Live, Train and Eat by
  • Understanding the Dieting Continuum to lose fat
  • The Thermic Effect, Protein and the Skinny
  • All about Carbs
  • Skinny fat rules for Carb intake, and lastly….
  • The very detailed SkinnyFat Training and Schedules. Over a dozen programs, giving you options to train 4, 5 or 6 days a week of training

The Skinny Fat Manifesto is my guide and program with everything I've learned from 10 years of training skinny fat clients.

Clients for whom the GENERIC approach would not work.

So, if you want to be like these past clients who had success, then use this guide and put it into practice.

Also, a "moderate" diet approach will not work. It didn’t for these clients.

3x5 and 5x5 lifting (the supposed most awesome program that everyone online tells you to do) will not work. 

If you've struggled for years or even decades with no real results, you have to know that you CAN build muscle AND also lose that annoying fat. You CAN get strong and lean. And that’s using this Program.

When you purchase the manifesto…

you also get these 3 Bonuses:

1. AJAC Guide to Intermittent Fasting ($50 value)

Diet is a big part of getting rid of skinny fatness. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about IF (which answers how you Diet).

It covers what really is Fasting, its health benefits, the different types, including the ‘AJAC Reverse Fasting’ which I recommend if you don’t want energy levels to affect your work and productivity. It also covers when and how to train with Fasting and has answers to many fasting related questions I keep getting during my Twitter AMAs.

2. Fat Loss Secrets - Supplements, Hormones and Uncommon Tactics for Fat loss ($30 value)

Fat loss can be achieved tactically and you'll learn them in this guide:

  • in depth about Insulin and how it's related fat and its myths
  • the most powerful "natural" fat burner that no one mentions
  • Top 10 fat loss supplements and how to take them
  • 30 uncommon tactics and facts of fat loss

3. SkinnyFat Training Schedules - Home Gym Edition

Lockdowns can’t interfere with your training anymore. With this guide and a few equipments I suggest, you’ll be able to perform ALL the workouts I’ve suggested in the main guide, without needing a full gym access.

There are SOLUTIONS. But following conventional training advice will not work.

Get the Skinny Fat Manifesto and leave hopelessness behind.

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The Skinny Fat Manifesto

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