The Tor Program

Alexander J.A Cortes
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Are you Ready to Gain MUSCLE MASS?

The Tor Program is a 6-month long mass gaining program designed for those individuals who are truly dedicated and committing to putting on muscle mass. 

This program is designed to BULK you up. 

This is the most intensive program I've ever written, requiring a commitment of 

  • over 144 workouts
  • 6 days of training weekly
  • three distinct phases of training. 
  • detailed guidelines on nutrition and how to eat for muscle gain
  • how to eat for your body type
  • how to ensure you gain weight every week 
  • you will NEED a gym with free weights for this program

This program uses Chris Hemsworth, the actor who played Thor, as a case study to understanding the investment, mindset, and habits that go into transforming a physique from "lean and fit" to big and muscular. 

As this program is 6 months in length, it is for SERIOUS trainees only 

A before and after of a recent Trainee who completed the Tor Program


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The Tor Program

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