AJAC Guide to Vegetarian Muscle Building

Alexander J.A Cortes

Can you build muscle on a vegetarian diet? 

Absolutely you can

Muscle building on a vegetarian diet is entirely possible. 

With a proper understanding of nutrition principles, and a strategic understanding and application of what to eat, you should have no issue building muscle, getting stronger, and creating results for yourself


  • Misconceptions on protein intake that sabotage your results
  • How to Overcome the typical low protein Veg diet
  • The number one meal planning strategy for muscle gain
  • The best vegetarian protein sources
  • The role of supplements and making sure you are not nutrient deficient 
  • How to Use Your Body type to Figure Out Your Macros Split
  • Timing Your Nutrition around training for optimal recovery
  • The Six Factors for Muscle Growth that you must know 

As a plant based eater, you have a spectrum of competing voices, from people telling you that you’ll need to supplement, to people telling you that you DON’T need protein to build muscle, to people who claim to be perfectly healthy eating nothing but fruit.

In writing this guide, I didn’t seek out “extreme” people whose only evidence was their youtube channel and extreme opinions that are not backed up by anything.

Instead, I researched successful bodybuilders and athletes who were strong and muscular, and had the body’s to back up their words.

I took a broad view of the state of the science and look at what is proven, not what is claimed. I researched the real science of protein, digestion, and biochemical individuality.

If you want to cut through all the confusion and the bullshit, and start thriving while keeping your plant based eating, get Plant Based Nutrition 


Did you know that I trained bollywood actor R.Madhavan for the role of a boxing trainer for the film Saala Khadoos?

Mady is a vegetarian. He didn't take steroids also to build the body you see above.

It was all the training and diet principles that I shared with him that got him this look.

And those same principles are in this book. So get it to get a bollywood star physique!

Fun trivia:

Mady talks about me at about the 1:55 mark in this video (and I make a cameo):

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AJAC Guide to Vegetarian Muscle Building

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