The Wolverine Program

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Train like you are being Paid to Transform.

The Wolverine Program is an in-depth case study of how Hugh Jackman legitimately transformed his body over 10+ years to create the "Wolverine" physique for which he has become so famous.

Speculation about anabolics aside, Jackman became Wolverine because he applied total focus to his body, mind, and spirit of being the character. He is one of the few actors to ever take the role of being a Superhero seriously and truly LOOK the part

This program is an original creation of mine, based on all of Jackman's training over the 17 years he has played the character. This program is over 5 MONTHS in length, and it is the catalyst for your own transformation.

It employs a basic but brutal training method. You will need a proper gym to perform the exercises.

Becoming Wolverine isn’t just lifting weights and dieting right. It requires a specific mindset…

Inside the program, you will learn The Mindset of Hugh Jackman. His thoughts..

✦ On embracing Pain and Discomfort

✦ On Goal Setting

✦ On Starting from Zero

✦ On Prioritizing

✦ On Behaviour and Habits

✦ On Progression

✦ On his Training Philosophy

What’s Included In Your Purchase?

1. The Wolverine Program Guide (PDF)

It includes my study on Hugh Jackman’s transformation for the Wolverine role. You need this for . Also it’s cool to see and study from the behind-the-scenes work put into such an outstanding effort.

The “Becoming Wolverine” Training Program: The 3 Training Stages 👇

✦ 2 months of Strength and Foundation work. Using heavy compound lifts, training 4 times a week.

✦ 2 months of Hypertrophy training. Volume based bodybuilding workouts, training 5 times a week.

✦ 1 month of Explosivity training. Low calories, fasting and Hight Intensity workouts to drive calorie burn

Diet advice and considerations shared throughout the Program.

Your purchase also includes these 2 Free Bonuses worth $85…

2. AJAC Guide to Intermittent Fasting ($50 value)

Diet is a big part of getting the right body composition. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about IF (which answers how you Diet).

It covers what really is Fasting, its health benefits, the different types, including the ‘AJAC Reverse Fasting’ which I recommend if you don’t want energy levels to affect your work and productivity. It also covers when and how to train with Fasting and has answers to many fasting related questions I keep getting during my Twitter AMAs.

3. The AJAC Old School Fat Loss Plan ($35 value)

Learn how the Classic and Golden Age Bodybuilders - like Lee Haney, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Serge Nubret, Sergio Oliva, Larry Scott, and Steeve Reeves - achieved SINGLE DIGIT body fat WITHOUT counting calories!


Who is Alexander Cortes aka AJAC

✦ My name is Alexander Cortes and I’m an accredited personal trainer, experienced in training people for 10+ years

✦ I’ve trained thousands of regular men and women from all walks of life

✦ Over 125K Twitter followers (@aja_cortes), 37K email subscribers and My fitness programs and courses have been purchased by over 36,000 people

✦ I have built a Skill Stack over 10 Years that led to my personal freedom

✦ Along with expertise in health and fitness topics, these skills include writing online, running a business as a solo entrepreneur

✦ My training Programs make you leaner, stronger, smarter, Bro’er

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The Wolverine Program

19 ratings
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