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Yoked: The Definitive Program and Guide to Building the Neck, Traps, and Shoulders

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The Yoke encompasses the muscles of the neck, traps, and upper back. Of all the muscle groups on the body, they are the great indicator of a powerful, functionally strong physique.

The muscles of the yoke cannot be built through any other endeavor but heavy and hard lifting and resistance training.

Abs can be had by having low enough bodyfat.

Big arms can be obtained through enough curls and pushdowns.

Big legs can often be developed through nothing more than a lot of bodyweight squats and having naturally thickness in the lower body muscles.

Even “wide lats” can be had through a simple regimen and pullups and getting your bodyfat low enough.

The yoke muscles however, those are developed only ONE WAY, through progressive resistance and HARD training that requires the hoisting of heavy weights off the floor and overhead, and through the placement of high tension stress on the neck and shoulders.

The Yoke is not merely a look of power, it IS power.

In this guide and program we will examine all the ways to develop the yoke, and the guide will culminate in a 12 week program to selectively target and develop these muscles

What you will learn in the this guide

  • The real world functionality of the yoke muscles
  • The best exercises for traps
  • The best exercises for upper back
  • Specialized 4-6 week programs for increased trap growth
  • How to comprehensively train your neck into a thick pillar of muscle
  • Why training the yoke helps you avoid injury
  • Shoulder health improvements from Yoke training
  • Common mistakes in training that hold back muscle growth
  • A straightforward nutrition guide to mass gain 
  • How to gain muscle and not get fat while gaining muscle 

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Yoked: The Definitive Program and Guide to Building the Neck, Traps, and Shoulders

17 ratings
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