AJACs Guide to Back Training

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Do You KNOW How to Train Your Back Effectively?
Or are you doing sloppy pulldowns and rows, and struggling to feel a mind-muscle connection?

Consider the following

  • The muscles of the spine and shoulder blades are among the most powerful, and integral in the entire body. If they are not strong, YOU are not strong
  • Your back strength determines your functional strength for almost any realm of physical endeavors

  • Most people lack a mind-muscle connection to their back because they cant see them, so they never bother to train them seriously
  • Most peoples back training is more biceps and momentum than lats and traps, they are clueless as to what proper reps even feel like
  • Your back strength affects more than your back, it also affects the strength of your pecs and shoulders
  • You can improve posture and biomechanics, or potentially train yourself into WORSE posture and injury
  • The back muscles have immense growth potential, but they need an effective stimulus (the right exercises, done the right way)
  • Back strength is more than functional, its aesthetically appealing, makes your waist appear smaller, and creates a more powerful looking physique
  • Getting stronger at key movements like weighted pullups, chinups, bodyweight rows and heavy DB rows, these are some of the most rewarding and satisfying exercises you can do

This guide will teach you how build strength, gain muscle, and train your back the RIGHT Way.

Section 1: Understanding the Anatomy of the Back

Section 2: Knowing What Each Muscle Does, in layman's terms

Section 3: The Most Effective Exercises for Each Muscle

Section 4: Sets and Reps, how to become Stronger

Section 5: Key Indicators of Back Strength

Section 6: How to Avoid Biceps tendinitis, neck pain, and bad posture

Section 7: Are Deadlifts a back Exercise or Leg Exercise?

Section 8: How to Strengthen the Spine without Heavy Weights

Section 9: Low Back, Rehab and Long Term Considerations

Section 10: Back Training and Posture

Section 11: Putting it all Together into a Program

Section 12: AJACs Recommended Resources

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AJACs Guide to Back Training

3 ratings
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