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A powerful bodyweight routine that gets you fit with a minimum effective training

Who were the Hoplites?

The Hoplites were the men who served as citizen-soldiers of Ancient Greek city-states, and it was expected they were “fighting fit” when they were called upon to defend their homeland.

And it was their responsibility to keep themselves physically conditioned. 

These men had to train themselves, using only the most basic means—and there is nothing more basic than body weight. 

Hoplites training become what we know as "Calisthenics" today:

Simple and effective training that uses your body weight.

The Bodyweight Hoplite program is a straightforward program of bodyweight exercises divided into two workouts, each to be done twice, for a total of four workouts weekly.

Bodyweight training done in an organized and purposeful fashion will create serious results in strength gain, muscle gain, and fat loss (assuming some reasonably healthy eating method is adhered to).

Hoplite Program Guidelines:

✅ Perform each workout twice per week, alternating between the two

✅ You will train 4 times per week

✅ Every exercise is a bodyweight movement that can be done at home. 

✅ Each Exercise is to be done for 10-20 reps unless otherwise specified

✅ If you wish to make the exercises harder, wear a backpack with 10-20 lbs in it or a weighted vest

✅ Follow the Warrior Diet Eating Model to keep yourself lean and burning body fat 

✅ Enjoy the results

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FREE: Bodyweight Home Workout

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