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FREE: 10 Laws Of Training

Alexander J.A Cortes
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Discover AJAC's 10 Laws of Effective Training

Learn why staying consistent in your workouts is the ultimate factor in unlocking transformative results.

Master Progressive Overload: Understand the foundational principle that ensures you’re constantly growing stronger and building muscle effectively.

Demystify the Basics: Gain practical knowledge about anatomy and workout movements essential for success.

Who Am I?

I'm Alexander Cortes.

And I’m an accredited personal trainer, experienced in training men and women for 10+ years

Over 186K Twitter and 45K Instagram followers (@aja_cortes), 44K email subscribers. My fitness programs and courses have been purchased by over 50,000 people

I have built a Skill Stack over 10 Years, leading to my freedom. Along with expertise in health and fitness topics, these skills include writing online and running a business as a solo entrepreneur.

My training Programs make you leaner, stronger, smarter, Bro’er.

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FREE: 10 Laws Of Training

31 ratings
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