AJACs Guide to Leg Training

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Do you want strong and powerful legs?

Do want bigger muscles, while avoiding joint pain?

Do you feel confident your workouts are building strength, muscle, and durability?

The ability to walk on two legs is our most essential movement ability. A strong lower body ensures a lifetime of health

Your lower body strength determines your athleticism and performance for practically every sport.

Having powerful legs makes a REAL difference in quality of life. Being able to balance, run, jump, land, squat, without fear of pain or potential injury, this is a freedom that is difficult to appreciate until you lose it.

The strongest predictor for longevity is the strength of the thigh and glute muscles because they are involved in sitting down and getting up. When people lose this ability they lose their independence, ability to walk, thus socializing ability and it’s all downhill from there

This guide will teach you how build strength, gain muscle, and train your Legs the RIGHT Way.

Section 1: Understanding the Anatomy of the Legs

Section 2: Knowing What Each Muscle Does, in layman's terms

Section 3: The Most Effective Exercises for Each Muscle

Section 4: Sets and Reps, how to become Stronger

Section 5: Key Indicators of Lower Body Strength

Section 6: How to Avoid knee pain

Section 7: How to address tendinitis and solve it Forever

Section 8: How to train legs with a "bad back"

Section 9: How to Train legs if you are over 40+

Section 10: Leg training and Fat Loss

Section 11: Putting it all Together into a Program

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AJACs Guide to Leg Training

3 ratings
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