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Bodyweight Power Package

Alexander J.A Cortes

During the Lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, I released several bodyweight-based training programs. I have compiled them all into one training program, the Bodyweight Power Package.

This program includes:

✅ Bodyweight Bedrock: 12-week mass-building program using weighted calisthenics.

✅ Hypertrophy Fusion: 12-week program using bands, calisthenics, and a kettlebell for a mixed training experience.

✅ Minimalist Training: 12-week program model that combines calisthenics with a single barbell or Dumbbell movement to get in and out of the gym, FAST.

✅ Ancient Athletics: an exploration of the training methods of Ancient Greece and the origins of Calisthenic training.

✅ Achilles HOME GYM variation: a 5-day-a-week, 12-week program that uses minimal equipment (no barbells, dumbbells, or machines required)

The Benefits of Bodyweight Training are Axiomatic

Relative Strength: Bodyweight training develops functional strength and athleticism. It hones your body into a formidable weapon, capable of pushing, pulling, and carrying your own weight, an essential movement skill.

Muscle: Bodyweight workouts done properly build muscle mass and are no less effective than free weights and machines.

Versatility: Bodyweight exercises require minimal equipment, making them accessible anywhere, anytime. Whether in the gym or at home, you can harness their power to sculpt your physique and sharpen your skills.


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Bodyweight Power Package

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