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Alexander J.A Cortes
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No Pain, No Gain

Men respect size. The masculine obsession with being bigger is undeniable, whether it is cocks, car engines, height, pounds, money, houses, boats, guns, bullets, it doesn't matter what it is. Mass is status in almost every area of life. You could be a marathon runner, but theres an ultra runner who runs 100 mile races, and he runs more than YOU. You got a billion dollars net worth? Someone else has 50x that. You AINT SHIT.

No matter what you have, someone has more. Comparisons are the thief of joy it is said. But comparisons also reveal your weaknesses. Sometimes you need them to feel sufficient pain, and be motivated to fix your shit.

If you are reading this program, your problem is you are skinny. You need to gain weight. You need to build MUSCLE.

Muscle is life. Having Muscle is like being rich. Sure, you could be depressed, but whats better? Depression while being HOT AND BUFFED, or depression being a sad fat sack of crisco? Depression while sitting in the front seat of a luxury car? Or depression on your buddies couch because you’re a broke motherfucker?

Muscle is better. And Muscle is even better than money. Muscle makes you confident. Muscles gets you laid. Muscle makes you better than weaker people. Being buff is the great equalizer. A man could have all forms of material status, but without a physique, he’s still an evolutionary wannabe. Not you. Women fuck hot guys, thats how the world works. Wannabe a High Value Man? BE HOT AND BUFF.

You could lose all your money in a game of pitch and toss, your bank account go could to zero.

But muscle, once built, it does not leave you so long as you maintain it. It cannot be bought, only earned by your body and minds sweat and toil. You could be left with nothing, but pushups and squats and burpees and cheap cans of tuna fish with ramen will still maintain your fizeek. You could be banging gym cuties in a one bedroom flat with a mattress on the floor.

Muscle is power. Every Hero of every major saga is described as youthful and built. Be like them.

You have come to the right place and made a wise decision in getting this program.

My area of expertise is in musclebuilding. You want to gain MUSCLE, you want to gain WEIGHT?

I can do that for you. I have the solutions.

My career is teaching men how to lift weights. And not just lift them, but get the desired outcomes. Get the fucking results. Build the muscles, increase the poundages. Make every workout growth producing (provided you eat the food).

There may have come a time, a triggering moment, a painful memory of embarrassment, when you faced a proverbial mirror…”look at you, you skinny piece of shit, you’re a 97lb weakling, you’re easy to kill, women won't fuck you, they dont even care you’re alive. You’re pathetic”

Or they may come a time, less traumatic, when you simply realize “I need to gain fucking weight.”

So thats what is we are going to do. This program is unadulterated Mass Gain. It is not reasonable. Its not sustainable. Its not perfectly scientific. It requires a mindset of being an obsessive Ubermensch and people will wonder why you are working this hard and what has gotten into you. FUCK EM.

Lift the weights, eat the food, and follow the process. Its time to GROW

  • Project Mass Mayhem will be SIX MONTH COMMITMENT 

  • 5-6 days of training a week

  • 2 hours in the gym, every workout

  • Perfect Nutritional Discipline


Do not ask about modifications. Do not ask about injuries. Do not ask about doing this with a minimalist home gym


I want this!


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