The Overkill Program by AJAC

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This is not a program for moderate people. It is a program for BROS who love to train, and who are excited at the possibility of ass busting workouts that leave you pumped and walking out of the gym feeling swole AF.

Why is this program called Overkill?

Because it is a high volume program, designed in the style of the “train until you are dead” bodybuilding workouts that were very popular in the 2010s.

If you are serious about mass gain, then at some point in your training life you must experiment with higher volumes of training. You MUST training like a Bro Obsessed

High volume can lead to more muscle growth

Increased Stamina

Faster Strength Gains

And most of all, you learn how to train to your limits...

The Overkill program is designed using a classical bro split, 4 days of lifting each week, with 16-20+ sets in a workout.

While this program split is often criticized for not being "optimal", in practice it allows for full recovery every single week between muscle groups. You'll always be ready for next weeks session, always read to beat your previous workout.

The Overkill Program REQUIRES A FULL GYM

There is not a home gym version or a minimalist version. You need to have a fully equipped gym available to you.

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The Overkill Program by AJAC

2 ratings