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      AJAC Training for Women
      Jul 29, 2021
      Whats up people, I have been asked frequently if I have any programs for women, and I DO. While my audience is largely male, my in person clientele was largely women for much of my training career, and I wrote many programs specifically designed for...
      Tall Bros, I wasted many years so you didn't have to. Listen up!
      Jul 21, 2021
      I wasted a lot years of training doing exercises that never worked for my body structure. I've got long arms, I've got long legs, I've got a relatively short torso, and it took me many years to realize that those exercises that never quite felt...
      What does a Lion do before every meal?
      Jul 20, 2021
      It hunts. It stalks, risks its life, sprints and pounds.What does it do even before hunting? It stays hungry for hours, sometimes even days. It gets its survival will by burning whatever fat it has. It's "fasting".Now.What does a Modern Man do before...
      Being skinny fat is not at all sexually appealing
      Jul 18, 2021
      And you did try to do something about it, didn't you?You lifted, you ran and you dieted.And then you stopped looking at your bare body in the mirror.Because the change didn't happen. You resigned.Chad Jesus comes to your rescue.Let me read you.Hard to...
      When will YOUR transformation Happen?
      Jul 16, 2021
      Skinny runner body slowly disappearing.Thanks to @AJA_Cortes Achilles program.I’m 6’1, went from 165 lbs to 190For those familiar with the program, progress is at end of phase 2. Will post final pics upon completion of phase 3. My...
      Soon it'll be too late
      Jul 14, 2021
      You haven't yet started investing in Crypto?Now is your chance to get into this new world. You've had this chance for a decade now, but soon it'll be gone. Very soon.Despite all the news and hype about Crypto, it's still not mainstream.But soon it'll...
      July 4th Sale
      Jul 3, 2021
      Whats up everybody, For my fellow Americans, this is July 4th Weekend. For my non-Americans, its a celebratory day in the USA marking America Independence from Great Britain in 1776 with the signing of the Declaration of Independence. This weekend, you...
      Do You Stand Up Straight?
      Jun 24, 2021
      People would respect you more if you looked them in the eyesI had a young man ask me recently on Instagram what top 3 biggest things he could do to improve his self confidence around peopleMy answer was straightforward-Lift weights (get fit), look at...
      A New Posture Program
      Jun 18, 2021
      Do You Want Better Posture? Improving posture has become a very popular topic and training goal the past decade. As the sedentary lifestyle has become the norm, people have come to realize that their slouching, forward shoulders, strained neck body...
      Summer Training
      Jun 3, 2021
      Whats up people, Summer is arriving at the end of this month, in a little over 2 weeks. I know that many of you that are lazy or unfocused with training right now are inevitably going to want to get serious again about the gym, and I'll get DMs of...
      Jun 1, 2021
      Approximately 4 years ago in 2017, I released the first incarnation of my Achilles Program. Inspired by the many conversations I had with men over the years as to how to get the kind of body that Brad Pitt had in Troy, I created a program under this...
      The Cryptocurrency Guide for BROS
      May 25, 2021
      Like many of you reading this, I am not a programmer. I am not a blockchain expert. I am a BRO, a personal trainer, and my experience in crypto has been that of an “average joe” trying to learn about something that is still NOT readily accessible or...
      Final Reminder for AJAC Tribe
      May 20, 2021
      FYI Gentlemen, Today is the last day to join the AJAC Tribe for only $10 a month (or $110 a year) The price doubles tomorrow, and it will be an annual membership only. If you are going to join, do so now. 
      May 17, 2021
      Whats up people, Right now, the AJAC Tribe annual membership is only $10 a month ($120 a year) On May 20th, the price will be increasing to $250 flat fee. No monthly option, no discount, One price only. Why the Increase? Because its worth it. The Tribe...
      May 17, 2021
      3 months ago I created a Mass gain program, one that was an accumulation of everything Ive learned to this point in my training career. That program was Hyperborean GainzThe program released was limited, with only 75 men doing the program over the...
      Train Like an Athlete
      May 9, 2021
      While all of my programs will get you bigger, leaner, stronger, there is one in particular that I wrote specifically for athletic performanceThe Hercules ProgramWhat makes this program athletically oriented? The workouts are designed specifically for...
      New Offer for the AJAC Tribe
      May 6, 2021
      The AJAC Tribe is my private Mens group that I started last year. What originally began as a simple telegram channel for fitness questions has no grown into a 1000 strong group. Whats the group "about" do you ask? Its a group of fucking MEN living life...
      What 20lbs of Fat loss looks like
      May 4, 2021
      I received this testimonial yesterday from a gentlemen on twitter He recently completed the Accelerated Fat Loss 4.0, and was one of the first buyers when the program was released. The programs very obviously...
      Training From Home?
      Apr 26, 2021
      This past year and half has resulted in many people building dedicated home gyms, and I get asked about home gym workouts almost every day now. If you have a serious gym home, the best program I would recommend is the Push Pull Legs Program that I...
      Interesting in Being an AJAC Affiliate? 80/20 Split YOUR Way
      Apr 24, 2021
      Whats up people. Quick messageFor those that are not aware, I have an affiliate program for all my programs. That means you can earn a percentage of the sale if you promote them and sell them. The "split" in profit is 80/20 YOUR WAY. Thus, if someone...
      New Fat Loss Program!
      Mar 20, 2021
      ACCELERATED FAT LOSS 4.0 HAS ARRIVEDThis program has gone through many incarnations, and I believe this heavily revised and upgraded program is the best yet. Accelerated Fat loss 4.0 uses a high protein, low low calorie modified "fast" to achieve peak...
      Work 1on1 with AJAC
      Mar 5, 2021
      ANNOUNCING... The AJAC Bro Nutrition Plan and Coaching is an entirely custom, 12 Week, 1on1 service that is offered to only a limited number of individuals. This plan is for SERIOU Men who want to gain measurable muscle mass, OR for those Men who...
      Mass Gain at 6'6
      Mar 3, 2021
      This was a gentlemen who has done the Tall Man Program. AJAC, I wanted to provide a before and after testimonial. I used your tall man training program over the last year. The 2 photos provided are 3 months and about 18lbs apart, as well I am 6’6!...
      6 Days a Week of Training, WHO IS UP FOR IT?
      Feb 20, 2021
      Good Morning Gentlemen, After creating the recent PPL program, I was asked by one of you how I would train if I wanted to physically transform as FAST as possible. Easy answerI would train 6 days week. 1-2 hours a day. Holistic and focused...
      Feb 12, 2021
      Simple reminder, the AJAC PPL program is being released today, you can still order it now at the presale priceAll you need to do is follow the link below 
      Merry Christmas from AJAC
      Dec 26, 2020
      I hope this email finds you feasting and content with people you love. I have never been of the mindset to restrict oneself during the holiday season. If you have healthy habits and lifestyle, those occasional days of eating do not make a...
      Black Friday Sale
      Nov 27, 2020
      BLACK FRIDAY SALE All training programs are 50%A full list of programs can be found on the landing pageSimply use the code "blackfriday" at checkout, and you can use the code as many times as you likeUse it in good health people 
      This is the EASIEST Way to Build Muscle
      Aug 19, 2020
      Bodyweight Training. There is nothing that is secret about this, or revolutionary. Its simple scientific fact. If you want to add muscle mass and build strength, you can perform simple movements that use your own weight as...
      Hercules is Launched!!
      Aug 7, 2020
      Hercules program has been released!You can get it this weekend for only $30 6 Days a weekIntense and energizing workoutsBodyweight and Dumbbells form the core of the programBuild Lean muscleGet StrongerBecome More ExplosiveLearn how to train...
      Aug 2, 2020
      Visit to continue
      Quads of Gods Testimonial
      Jul 31, 2020
      Hey Alexander,Another testimonial for you. Right after completing your Posterior Power program I took a week off from the gym to rest and recover. After the rest I jumped right into Quads of Gods.Once started on this program I completely understood why...
      Naked and Beautiful
      Jul 16, 2020
      My newest training guide "Ancient Athleticism" was just released yesterday. The Ancient Greeks believed truth, beauty, and goodness to be inseparable from aesthetic FORM.How something looked was not a surface level phenomenon, but was an mutli-level...
      Jul 15, 2020
      The email series on Ancient Greek Athletes has been fully compiled into a brand new ebookCheck out how good this thing looks This series is LONG, and covers a huge variety of topicsTraining in sunlightAncient Greek BodybuildingTraining...
      Jul 10, 2020
      Visit to continue
      July 4th Sale-Fat Loss
      Jul 5, 2020
      The Accelerated Fat Loss program is a 90 day/3 month program designed for ONE thing, to drop bodyfat as fast as metabolically possible. It is a strict, calorie controlled diet plan, along with a total bodyworkout program designed to increase metabolic...
      July 4th Sale-Longevity Program
      Jul 5, 2020
      Longevity Program is my guide for "older" trainees who are 35+. This program was written based on my experience training older population, as well as my personal experience with injuries, rehabilitation, and training to make gains in strength and...
      July 4th Sale-Accelerated Fat Loss
      Jul 4, 2020
      The Accelerated Fat Loss program is a 90 day/3 month program designed for ONE thing, to drop bodyfat as fast as metabolically possible. It is a strict, calorie controlled diet plan, along with a total bodyworkout program designed to increase metabolic...
      July 4th Sale-Skinny Fat Manifesto
      Jul 4, 2020
      The Skinny-Fat Manifesto was written for those men who experience the unfortunate phenomenon of having very low muscle in combination with higher levels of bodyfat. These individuals don't have athletic genetics, and struggle to lose fat and build...
      Jul 3, 2020
      Jul 2, 2020
      January 2020 to June 2020This gentlemen completed the Achilles program twice through. He used the "home gym" version of the program when gyms closed down back in MarchLook at him now What more proof do you need of the power of the...
      Never be Gymless
      Jul 1, 2020
      Calisthenics are always available to you, no matter where you are atPushupsSquatsChinupsThese are staple exercises that you will never outgrow or become too advanced for. Moving your own mass through space is the foundation and pinnacle of...
      Ectomorph Training: How to gain muscle and build strength if you are naturally skinny
      Jun 30, 2020
      ECTOMORPH TRAINING is a comprehensive guide covering all the training, dietary, and lifestyle strategies to maximize strength and hypertrophy for Ectos. What is the hell is an Ectomorph? Ectomorph is one of the three Somatotypes; Mesomorphs,...
      Jun 29, 2020
      I'll let the photos speak for themselves His beds not made because of all the Stacy poonani he's probably been smashing. A real Chad right there Want to become the next CHADFORMATION?You know what to do...
      The Covid 15
      Jun 29, 2020
      So apparently...a lot of people have gotten fat and fluffy because of the lockdown. ...How this was possible I have no idea, considering everyone had UNLIMITED FUCKING TIME TO WORKOUT AT HOME AND BURPEES ARE FREEBut it happened. And now perhaps you...
      May 15, 2020
      Visit to continue
      Apr 15, 2020
      Visit to continue
      Hypertrophy Fusion
      Apr 14, 2020
      Out of limitation is born innovation. Hypertrophy fusion was created from my experiments and research into training for muscle with limited training tools.Basically, how do you train to build muscle if you have no barbell, no dumbbells, no machines, no...
      Skinny Fat Home Gym Training?
      Apr 13, 2020
      Whats up everybody? The Skinnyfat manifesto has been arguably the most life changing program I've written, as there are many many men who fall into this demographic, and they STRUGGLE with conventional gym adviceThe Skinnyfat Manifesto was written for...
      FIXED IT-Easter Swoleness Appreciation
      Apr 12, 2020
      Whats up everyoneThe Easter code was not working, technical glitch, it has been updated and should work for any productUse the code "easter" for 30% off of any product or programMany thanksAlexander
      Easter Swoleness Appreciation
      Apr 12, 2020
      Happy Easter everyoneSimple token of appreciation, Use the code "easter" for 30% off of any product. Enjoy the day, Alexander
      Achilles Program in a Home gym?
      Apr 11, 2020
      I have updated the Achilles Program to be done in a "home gym"NO barbellsNO machines. But read this very carefully​You will NEED (not suggested, NEED) the following equipment-Light Dumbbells (to about 45lbs) -chinup and pullup bar -Dip bars-RINGS (as...
      Brand New BAND Training Guide
      Apr 7, 2020
      Whats up everyone. SO...I created a full guide on BAND training-How to Choose Bands-Pros and Cons of Training with them-The Best Band Exercises for every muscle group I added this guide to both the Bodyweight Bedrock Program AND the Home Workout Guide....
      Once a Year Birthday Promotion
      Apr 4, 2020
      Last year on my birthday, which is today, April 4th, I offered a 40% off sale on all training programs and productsI know right now the gyms are closed, but I still wanted to offer the code all the sameType in the code "AJAC" at checkout, and you will...
      A Very Unusual Birthday
      Apr 4, 2020
      Hello everybody, I turn 31 today. Strange times to have a birthday. Last year on my birthday, I offered everyone a 40% off sale on all products. In light of the gyms being closed and no defined end in sight to Corona, who knows when anyone can train...
      How to Use High Bodyweight Exercises
      Apr 2, 2020
      I talked yesterday about common mistakes in bodyweight training, one of them being doing too many reps and too much volume. Today I wanted to give an example of how to use high reps intelligently Once a weekOne exercise at a timeFor the purpose of...
      How to Avoid Injury with Bodyweight...
      Apr 2, 2020
      Right now, everyone is doing bodyweight training. This is excellent, as bodyweight movements are the best exercises you can do for your athleticism. But there is a caveat to this: Bodyweight movements are the EASIEST exercises to overtrain. doing TOO...
      Top 5 Benefits of Bodyweight Training
      Apr 1, 2020
      Training bodyweight and training with weights are not mutually exclusive, but mastering your own weight IS the foundation of athleticism You could mourn the loss of the gym, or view as an opportunity to increase you functional strength and...
      How to Schedule Workouts...
      Mar 31, 2020
      Now that you are likely training from home, how should you organize your workouts? You can train total body every day of course, but you'll find quickly that your whole body does not recover at the same rate. A better way to train then is to alternate...
      No Gym? NO PROBLEM
      Mar 28, 2020
      Corona has fucked everyone’s workouts up...But it does NOT mean you cannot train. The workouts in this guide are all simple, at home workouts that can be done with little to No equipment. You have 100 you can choose from. Over half of them are nothing...
      Building Muscle Mass with Bodyweight Training
      Mar 14, 2020
      I got this question again right after I shared todays quarantine workout on twitterIm shooting a dead horse here, but bodyweight workouts DO require both equipment and some added external load if you want to turn them into serious mass gaining...
      Mar 13, 2020
      Whats up everyone,No doubt by now everyone has heard the big news: the USA is undergoing QUARANTINE. Schools are closedBusinesses are closedPeople are working from homeEmployees are being put on leaveEven High end gyms in some major cities have shutA...
      Mar 11, 2020
      Are you ready for the neck training guide to change your life? Are you ready to go from unfuckable Ronny with a pencil neck to RHINO CHAD???? I HOPE SO, PRE-ORDER YOKED TODAY!!!
      Cant Get KungFlu When Youre YOKED
      Mar 11, 2020
      Honestly I just wanted an excuse to share this meme Real talk: No I don't honestly believe that being YOKED will fully protect anyone from a virulent virus. That said, it sure as hell pays to have a strong immune system. And exercise is...
      YOKED PRESALE Continues
      Mar 10, 2020
      YOKED is now $25 on Presale. Yoked is a full 12 week, 4x weekly hypertrophy for the upper back, specifically increasing the size of the TRAPS and the density of the thoracic back muscles. The yoke muscles are only developed through HEAVY weight, hard...
      Mar 9, 2020
      The newest program of 2020 is here!!! Yoked: The Definitive Program and Guide to Building Your Neck, Traps, and Upper BackYoked is 12 week, 4 day a week, mass gain program, that focuses on ONE major priority; add strength and size to the...
      Whats Your Woman Telling You in Bed??
      Mar 7, 2020
      If thats not an endorsement for the Wolverine Program, I don't know what is
      12 Hours to Get 21Guns
      Mar 1, 2020
      Whats up people, Reminder that the price for 21 Guns-Arm Training Guide is 40% off for another 12 hoursIf you want to learn how to finally make progress training forearms, biceps and tricepsIf you want to learn how to train without...
      Are You Girthy Giga Chad or a Skinny and Scrawny beta brad? TRAIN YOUR $$#%ING ARMS
      Feb 29, 2020
      Every man wants muscular arms, and there are dozens of terms to describe them, from guns to pythons to pipes. If you are like most guys, arms are probably the first thing you trained when your first started working out, and had a dedicated arm day...
      To Crush your arms, and ravage their women with a sick bicep pump
      Feb 28, 2020
      "The greatest pleasure in life is to crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and then to ravage their women with a sick fucking bicep pump"~Gengis Kahn, probably~Be real. You want bigger arms. And I have the solution The 21 Guns Guide is the...
      Plant Based Muscle Building
      Feb 16, 2020
      There is enough conflicting information for meat eaters in regards to nutrition and how to eat to build muscle.It's even worse for plant based people.Building muscle is difficult, and your diet is the key. It's what makes it or breaks it. And having...
      Who has got Chicken Legs
      Feb 15, 2020
      What’s up everybody, Every year for the last 10 years, I’ve trained legs on Valentine’s Day. Not just a typical leg day, but what I call a “Valentines massacre” workout; a high rep, high volume leg day that leaves my legs sore for days after This is...
      Wolverine and Hollywood Transformations
      Feb 12, 2020
      Whenever a new big budget action film comes out with a newly chiseled leading actor, its common to read a to of media hype about the "transformation" they went through. Generally speaking, celebrity transformations are a bunch of bullshit: their weight...
      Last Day and only 12 Hours remaining...
      Feb 10, 2020
      Today is the final day to get Bodyweight Bedrock at Launch priceTo clarify some questions people have asked-You DO need access to bodyweight training equipment; chin up bar, dip bars, and some kind of suspension trainer. This is not a Zero equipment...
      Now its Monday, with 24 Hours to go
      Feb 10, 2020
      Lets ask ourselves what Chad would do: Would Chad wait until the last possible moment to start his new training program?NO he would not. Chad would be envisioning his workout and be ready to rock and roll before, because Chad plans ahead. Bodyweight...
      30 Hours to Go
      Feb 10, 2020
      I know some people are going to wait on this and get it last minute, but seriously people, its going to be MONDAY tomorrowWhy not start the program on the first day of the week? Its the middle of the month, you start tomorrow you will complete the...
      Feb 9, 2020
      Visit to continue
      48 Hours before Sale Ends
      Feb 9, 2020
      Midnight reminder that Bodyweight Bedrock program is on sale for 48 more hours. The program is only $28, the lowest it will ever be, and the best offer I've ever had on a 12 week programTake advantage people
      Why Bodyweight Works Lead to Plateaus
      Feb 8, 2020
      A Plateau-A common fitness term referring to when someone is making zero progress on anythingMost bodyweight workouts I see online are effective in the short term, but in the long term, the "gains" will stop within a few weeks. Why is that? Zero...
      I FINALLY have a Bodyweight Only Program Available
      Feb 8, 2020
      “Do you have a bodyweight only program?”"Do you have any routines that can be done at home and don't require much equipment?"“Do you have a bodyweight Program to prepare for a military/law enforcement Fitness test?”I've been getting these questions for...
      German Volume Training
      Feb 4, 2020
      German Volume Training is a disgustingly hard but beautifully effective way to gain muscle mass. 10 sets of 10 reps, compound movements only each workoutThe volume and length of the training sessions can bury people, but the results are...
      February Challenge, Daily Arm Training
      Feb 2, 2020
      You cannot "spot-burn" bodyfat. Hopefully this is not news to any of you. Bodyfat storage is partially genetic, partially diet and lifestyle. The first place you gain weight is the last place you lost weight. The denser the stored fat, the longer it...
      Whats It gonna be Gentlemen? 3 HOURS LEFT
      Jan 30, 2020
      21 Guns goes back up to full price at midnight, Right now its 50% off, only $21 That is all that is between you and the Glorious Gains that await you. Or not. What shall it be?Skinny Rat Fetus Body?Or Vascular Chad Thundercock with Guns that are...
      8 Hours Left to Become a MAN OF ACTION
      Jan 30, 2020
      Imagine being out in public, and having such an impressive BUILD that women WANT to touch you. They find excuses to bump into you. They squeeze your arms and get a glimmer of sexual fire and desire in their eyes. They blush and comment on how good your...
      The END of Scrawny Arms
      Jan 29, 2020
      A man with skinny arms is a man that is not a threat. You want to be treated like a BITCH? Have bitch arms. Thin wrists, flaccid biceps and triceps. Nothing screams "Im a pussy and deserve to go extinct" more than weak arms. The visual impact that a...
      Building Muscle as a Vegetarian or Vegan
      Jan 27, 2020
      It is entirely POSSIBLE to build muscle on a plant based diet. Hypothetically, if your protein and calorie intake is sufficient, and you are of course resistance training, you will get bigger and stronger. The question is not one of possibility, but...
      2.5 Hours Left
      Jan 27, 2020
      And then the price goes up on 90 Days to Diesel. You could start becoming a CHAD starting tomorrow and work to change your life the next 90 days Or stay a sad virgin, and 3 months from now be lamenting you should have taken the gym seriously and built...
      6 Hours Left
      Jan 27, 2020
      90 Days to Diesel launch sale ends at midnight tonightIf you've been waiting on getting it...Now would be the time. 
      The Stale Zone
      Jan 26, 2020
      Train for long enough, and you will eventually hit a point where training becomes... Stale. You've been doing the same exercises. Using the same sets and reps. You've made some gains, maybe, but not as fast you would like (it never is). You've hit hard...
      Strength Training For Fat Loss
      Jan 24, 2020
      I got this email yesterday,Hey Alexander,First of all, appreciate all the information and tips through Twitter and the newsletter. I have a question for you on whether to keep cutting/losing weight or jump into your “90 days” program now. I’m going to...
      Jan 23, 2020
      Mobility has become a hot term and subject in the fitness industry the past decade. Mobility training is now an industry unto itself, and people believe its a distinct quality that must be trained.I have a different perspective on this.Over 10 years,...
      Jan 21, 2020
      How Many Carbohydrates Should You Eat?The following is from the 90 Days to Diesel Program, specifically the diet guideYou might ask what is better 35% carbs, or 40% carbs?Facts-these numbers are all arbitrary.To be gaining muscle, you need to be in a...
      Be Chad or go EXTINCT
      Jan 19, 2020
      I came across this study on twitter yesterday. The results of it are not surprising in the least“The rated strength of a male body accounts for 70% of the variance in attractiveness. None of the women produced a preference for weaker both...
      The Ultimate Training Principle
      Jan 18, 2020
      When I wrote this program, I was channeling the most fundamental Tao of Bro Principlethat of PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD. I write about this often, but the power of this cannot be overstatedThe only way for growth to occur is through the gradual push beyond...
      New Program for 2020
      Jan 17, 2020
      My newest program (and first program of 2020) has arrived 90 Days to DieselThis program is a joint collaboration with my bro Josiah Novak. ​I had never quite written a straight hypertrophy program with a sole emphasis on Progressive Overload, and that...
      Over 35+? Read This email
      Jan 14, 2020
      Today at the gym, I watched an older man attempting to bench press. When I say attempting...1. He loaded 225 on the bar. Not terribly heavy weight, but enough that at least denotes a man has some decent level of muscle 2. He got underneath the bar, and...
      Did You get Fat over the Holidays?
      Jan 2, 2020
      Real talk, the last 3 months of the year are typically when the average American gains most of their yearly weight, and then that fat goes from temporary to permanent once the new year comes. If you don't want to start 2020 as a fatty,Get the...
      Don't Open this if you're a Manlet
      Dec 8, 2019
      "How do I short men need to train" I got this question yesterday, and I had to laugh. Short guys don't need to change ANYTHING about their training. THEY ARE SHORTWhen you are shorter, you have natural biomechanical advantage in size and...
      Tall Men need to train differently
      Dec 6, 2019
      If you're over 6ft and genetically blessed, you'll have large bone structure and be a great athlete who finds it easy to build size and is naturally very strong. If you're not so genetically blessed, you might still be explosive, but LANKY. You've got...
      You have 17 Hours Left
      Nov 29, 2019
      AchillesWolverineTorKratosAnd Build Bigger ArmsThese programs are all in one package for only $77And this deal is only available for 17 more hoursTake advantage while you can gentlemen 
      Thanksgiving Special
      Nov 28, 2019
      The BEST deal I've ever had. Tor ProgramWolverineAchillesKratosBuild Bigger ArmsAll for only $77. Yes you read that right. This special lasts less than 48 hoursCheck it out before its gone
      Another Achilles Transformation
      Nov 26, 2019
      Whats stopping you from doing this program? It WORKS, over and over againThis is a complete bodyrecomp, he lost fat AND gained muscle, at the SAME TIMEIf you're having doubts about what program to get, or whether the program will be worth it, I promise...
      9 Hours Left to Get The Skinny Fat Manifesto 2020
      Nov 18, 2019
      What is in Skinny Fat Manifesto? Defining what skinny-fatness is.Understanding the science of aesthetics and how to alter your body's proportions to be more attractive and athletic.Understanding BMI and body composition.The 20 training and diet...
      New Program Relaunch-SKINY FAT MANIFESTO
      Nov 16, 2019
      Does any of the following describe you? -narrow shoulders-small joints and thin limbed overall-wide waist-Low Libido, not really interested in sex-definitely NOT "naturally athletic" or strong-naturally "soft" with not much muscle tone-you gain fat...
      Special offer for Veterans
      Nov 11, 2019
      For any of my followers who are veterans (and also Police, and EMTs) you can receive a 30% discount on any of my training programs. All you need to is send a photo of your military ID or a photo of you in uniform, and I'll send you a code you can use...
      Fitness AMAs coming up.....
      Nov 10, 2019
      Whats up everyone, Some of you follow me already on IG, but for those don't knowEvery week on Instagram on Monday and Friday, I have a 24 hour Fitness AMAEvery question asked, I answerFor those of you active on IG, be sure to follow me if you want to...
      8 Hours left
      Nov 4, 2019
      Fight Club Physique is going to double in price tomorrow, what are you waiting for? You're 3 months away from a harder better faster stronger version of yourself