6 Days a Week of Training, WHO IS UP FOR IT?

Good Morning Gentlemen, 

After creating the recent PPL program, I was asked by one of you how I would train if I wanted to physically transform as FAST as possible. 

Easy answer

I would train 6 days week. 1-2 hours a day. Holistic and focused BODYBUILDING. 

I'd be working every muscle, I'd be hitting cardio, abs. I'd skip zero meals. I'd leave no stone unturned for 3 months to transform myself and visualize my best condition ever. 

If you are legitimately serious in changing your physique, and you want to do this fast, you need to pull out all the stops and make that the mission. 12 weeks, you can accomplish A LOT in 12 weeks. 

That was my answer. And then they asked 

Do you have a 6 day a week program like that? 

...No, I actually do not. Nothing quite like that. I've written 5 day programs, I've designed 6 month programs. I've got programs of various specializations (taller lifters, older lifters), 

But as far as doing a "TRANSFORMATION" and putting together something insane that requires a "make it through to the other side", No I hadn't. 

Training that way requires a MINDSET. You have to believe in it. 


Let me be very very clear in prefacing this program

  • This is NOT a minimalist program. It is not a garage gym program. You NEED A well equipped gym
  • You WILL be training 6 days a week. Sunday is your one off day
  • You will be in the gym 1.5-2 hours. These are not short workouts
  • This program is for meatheads. Its for those of you that want to train like psychos for 3 months

IF you are up for it, you can begin the program this MONDAY, February 22nd. 

The program will change every 4 weeks, phase 1 begins in 48 hours. 

This program includes AJAC Tribe membership automatically. The tribe is where I will post daily updates on recovery, technique, and answer any questions


Because this program is 3 months long, and because I am updating it every 4 weeks, the program is a membership program. $25 a month, for 3 months. z

$75 total. At the end of 3 months, the program ends, you will not be charged anymore, and you can deload to a less intense and frequent program (or maybe elect to begin a cut, its up to you) 

Why a Membership program? 

Because this is for men who are fucking SERIOUS and want to train. If you sign up and realize that 6 days a week is not happening, i will happily refund you. You get to keep the first phase of training regardless. 

If you want to sign up, Follow the link below. 

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