A New Posture Program

Do You Want Better Posture? 

Improving posture has become a very popular topic and training goal the past decade. As the sedentary lifestyle has become the norm, people have come to realize that their slouching, forward shoulders, strained neck body positioning is not healthy. 

I get asked about how to improve posture every week, its become a top 5 question I receive. 

Improving posture is not difficult at all. It requires simply reversing the misalignment of the body though effective exercise selection. Ive recommend the same exercises many times


-Bodyweight rows

-DB Rows

-Daily walking

Nothing complicated, but Id also not put them together into a program ever. My prior posture recommendation program was Back development program that was often too difficult for people. 

With the new program, Ive created an 8 week, 4 workout a week schedule that ANYONE can do

Especially if you are someone relatively new to lifting, or not well versed in a variety of exercises. The posture program comprises 4 easy to follow workouts a week, each of which take about 1 hour, and every workout is designed to get you standing straight with better skeletal alignment. 

Good Posture is not Mysterious

Muscle and strength, developed the right way, is what you will get you standing and move with better presence and efficiency, provided you train properly.

The Posture Program is reasonably priced at only $20. 

Get After it 

Get the Posture Program