Achilles Program in a Home gym?

I have updated the Achilles Program to be done in a "home gym"

NO barbells

NO machines.

But read this very carefully​

You will NEED (not suggested, NEED) the following equipment

-Light Dumbbells (to about 45lbs)

-chinup and pullup bar

-Dip bars

-RINGS (as in gymnastic rings)


-And if you want to complete the 4 week extension of the program, Kettlebells.

The Achilles Program has been the most popular program and successful one for the last 3 years.

I've had people ask in the past if it could be done with no barbell, or no machines, thus I adjusted every workout using different training implements while still achieving the same training effect.

If you Bought the program in the past, you will be updated with the home version. DO NOT BUY IT AGAIN

And if you've wanted to do the program but were precluded from doing so before due to equipment limitations, now is your opportunity.

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