Approximately 4 years ago in 2017, I released the first incarnation of my Achilles Program. 

Inspired by the many conversations I had with men over the years as to how to get the kind of body that Brad Pitt had in Troy, I created a program under this directive. 

Upper body focused, with an emphasis on aesthetics and a training philosophy drawing on my holistic bodybuilding perspective at the time, the program was enormously successful. To date, I've had over 1,000 men complete the program, and I receive testimonials monthly as to the program's success.

The Achilles Program’s effectiveness came from its proven principles: it was high frequency, high volume, and the diet plan was classically “bro” as I call it, with set parameters for calories, protein intake, and food choice.

Since the program has been released, I have made adjustments to it, added a second month, and it continues to sell very well. Consequently, I receive inquiries monthly

-Is there a follow up to Achilles?

-What would I suggest next?

While I have written programs since that could be done after Achilles, I never created a true sequel program. 

Achilles was a victim of its own success in this way. The enthusiasm for it was so high, and so many men have followed it so well, that trying to capture that again for a direct follow up seemed unlikely.

As it was, I spent a great deal of time on self education the past year, learning the ATG system and studying various other athletic modalities, and diving into Muay Thai at the same time.

I wanted to revisit the Achilles Program to see if I update it further, but as I began working on it, the rewrite took on a life of its own, and became the program I am releasing now

Achilles: Elysium

The new program is the culmination of everything I have learned the past 3 years with resistance training

  • new strength standards
  • better and more effective exercises
  • improved consistency in programming
  • increased rest periods 
  • achieving structural balance in ALL joints

Like the original program, Elysium is 12 weeks long, divided into 3 phases of 4 weeks each. Each week consists of FIVE training days. This does not change through the program


This is not a "home workout" program that uses bodyweight and 2 dumbbells. 

Elysium will Change how you train forever

With updated and comprehensive strength standards, Elysium gives you long term targets to aim for in your training, far after you finish the program itself 

Achilles Elysium is $30

The same cost of investment as the original Achilles when it was first released

Start your journey into the next phase of Demi God transformation today 

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