AJAC Training for Women

Whats up people, 

I have been asked frequently if I have any programs for women, and I DO. 

While my audience is largely male, my in person clientele was largely women for much of my training career, and I wrote many programs specifically designed for the female body. 

While exercises don't have genders, women obviously have different physique focuses than men

Women also have differing physiology. They can often handle higher volume and benefit from more sets, they havre different bone structure and some conventional exercises do not work as well, 

and overall the programming is going to be somewhat different. 

I created THREE distinct programs for Women

-A 3 day weekly beginner program, for those women wanting a basic gym routine with easy to learn exercises

-A 4 day weekly intermediate program, for those women wanting more growth and who have learned a larger exercise repertoire

-A 5 day weekly advanced program, for "fitchicks" who are truly dedicated to the lifestyle and have been training at least 2 years 

FYI-There is no hand holding in these programs. If you are a man thinking of getting this for your woman, but she doesnt like the gym and doesnt want to learn anything, DONT BUY IT. Its for serious women who are going to go lift. This is not "easy workouts" for lazy chicks. 


I grouped all of them together in Feminine Fortitude. Collectively this comprises somewhere around 30+ weeks of training, if you were to hypothetically do all 3 programs back to back to back. 

Feminine Fortitude is only $24

Its probably the best value of any program I have

If you want it, you know what to do 

Click Here to Get Feminine Fortitude