Are You Girthy Giga Chad or a Skinny and Scrawny beta brad? TRAIN YOUR $$#%ING ARMS

Every man wants muscular arms, and there are dozens of terms to describe them, from guns to pythons to pipes. If you are like most guys, arms are probably the first thing you trained when your first started working out, and had a dedicated arm day every week.

For those lucky bros, their arms grow from everything. After a few years of lifting, they are busting out of t shirts and enjoying being the guy at the bar having his biceps grabbed by women.

For everyone else though, getting your arms from muscular to massive can be a frustrating and long process.

No more being frustrated, no more poorly done workouts.

You will learn:

  • The 10 Major mistakes you’re probably making in training
  • The difference between weight vs resistance
  • Functional anatomy and how to train for Gains
  • How to effectively train your arms for maximum strength and muscle growth
  • How to modify training when you are 6ft+
  • The top 10 movements for biceps and triceps
  • A 4 week specialization program that could potentially add in inch to biceps and triceps

And much much much more.

Get the program, and start $&$#ing Growing Gentlemen