Being skinny fat is not at all sexually appealing

And you did try to do something about it, didn't you?

You lifted, you ran and you dieted.

And then you stopped looking at your bare body in the mirror.

Because the change didn't happen. You resigned.

Chad Jesus comes to your rescue.

Let me read you.

  • Hard to gain muscle
  • Hard to lose fat
  • You do not realize how much you need to clean up your diet
  • You're frustrated that conventional "go lift heavy" advice had not worked that well
  • You get joint pain easily
  • Slow recovery from training
  • You're 5'10 and 180lbs (80kg) and 25% bodyfat

I got you didn't I?

Transforming from this to a muscle hunk requires thinking about training differently. Altogether.

There's specifics for almost all aspects of training for you skinny fats. Some examples:

  • the diet strategies to get lean
  • what foods to avoid
  • what foods to avoid
  • how to boost testosterone levels
  • how to lift progressively in the gym
  • what rep ranges to prioritize
  • what exercises work and don't work
  • why to cut back on alcohol
  • what kind of cardio to perform
  • how to calorie cycle and carb cycle
  • why to never bulk and cut

And it's all covered in detail and some in my Skinny Fat Manifesto.

1400+ men have benefitted so far from this.

Get it now for $20. (Usually $50)

-Chad Jesus, your Saviour

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