Building Muscle as a Vegetarian or Vegan

It is entirely POSSIBLE to build muscle on a plant based diet. 

Hypothetically, if your protein and calorie intake is sufficient, and you are of course resistance training, you will get bigger and stronger. 

The question is not one of possibility, but probability. 

Is it probable you will build muscle on a plant based diet? 

No. Its not. 

And thats not me being mean. The simple fact is that most plant based eating is LOW PROTEIN. 

Obviously a diet with meat, meat is literally protein. 

Plant dont have much protein. 

Does that mean you are doomed though? 

NO. It does not. It is very possible to consume adequate protein on a plant based diet, but you must do the following

  • Learn what foods have higher protein in them
  • practice protein combining, eating certain foods together so you get a complete spectrum of amino acids
  • Minimize eating foods that get you full but dont have much nutrients in them
  • Eat enough meals so that your calorie and macro intake supports muscle growth
  • Strategically use plant based protein powders if you struggle to get in protein through your regular diet

I wrote a very pragmatic and easy to understand guide that details all of the above. 

The AJAC Guide to Plant Based Nutrition 

Not only does the guide cover how to eat...

It also includes a 12 week training program as well. 

You are getting everything you need to build muscle with this guide. 


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