Chad Jesus can save skinny fats

I got this praise for my Skinny Fat Manifesto program.

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Hey Alexander -
A few months back I grabbed a copy of Skinny Fat Manifesto.
Holy crap, it's 110% working.
I haven't completely lost the belly fat yet, but I'm definitely increasing in strength where I wasn't when doing low rep programs. My wife even called me out the other day to tell me I look much better.
Keeping up with your tweets caused me to get beyond fucking around, and go to the gym 4x/week. Now the days where I'm increasing weight and hitting my reps easily are often the days I don't want to go to the gym. That's a hell of a motivator.
Thanks for your work and constant content - it's incredibly helpful.


I wrote the Skinny-Fat Manifesto to deal with a very common but unrecognized problem:

Most people do NOT have the genetics for "strength". And Most people, to get "healthy", they need to improve their hormonal health to see their desired changes to their health/physique.

They are, said simple, skinny (lacking muscle/strength and lacking athletic genetics), but also overly fat (they have excess bodyfat) but are not necessarily grossly overweight.

They are skinny-fat

It puts them in a no man's land, because typical fitness advice does not tend to work.

-Training for "strength" doesn't work because they have small joints, not much muscle, and low reps don't produce much muscle growth

-for the above reason, programs like starting strength and stronglifts programs dont work well either

-Full body routines don't work well, as the mind muscle connection is sorely lacking and trying to teach multiple patterns at once within the same workout only works in theory.

-Calories and calories out sort of works, but this does not adequately address poor insulin sensitivity or hunger and satiation

-An IIFYM macros approach doesnt work well, as it does not address the need to change the food sources to higher quality sources

-Bulking and cutting definitely do not work. Bulking gets you fatter, and there is nothing to "cut" up when it comes to muscle

-Only doing compound movements does not work well, because your joints are particularly weak, and you need both isolation work and higher reps to adequately strengthen them

-High intensity cardio can "work", sort of, but Skinny-fats tend to have poor recovery abilities and it can be easy to overdo hard cardio workouts, and cardio by itself doesn't burn fat, and fatigue masks fitness.

Putting it all together, you end up with someone frustrated, lacking results, and they end up cycling through programs/workouts/advice, and nothing produces what they want.

Skinny-Fat Manifesto was my solution for these individuals

-Train for muscle growth and prioritize submaximal strength gains

-Emphasize relative bodyweight strength gains and rep increases with dumbbells over the barbell

-train 1-2 muscles per workout, versus total body, and build the muscle connection one pattern at a time

-fully change your diet to one of whole food sources, and emphasize protein intake and healthy fat and carb intake

-eat low carbohydrate, making them less than 20% of your daily energy intake, and reap the benefits of increased insulin sensitivity and increased fat burning

-Cut fat SLOWLY by using small deficits over time, and carb cycle to speed up the process

-Perform interval cardio strategically, allowing for full recovery, and increase low intensity cardio, which is both easier to recovery from, and does the work of improving your cardiovascular health

The Manifesto includes over 20 principles to follow, and goes in depth on understanding bodycomposition, BMI, improving your physical aesthetics, and it includes six different programs, ranging from 4-6 workouts a week.

Get the program today for $25 (usually $50).

Love you all,

Talk again soon,


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