Do You Stand Up Straight?

People would respect you more if you looked them in the eyes

I had a young man ask me recently on Instagram what top 3 biggest things he could do to improve his self confidence around people

My answer was straightforward

-Lift weights (get fit), look at people when you talk to them, and listen as much as you talk 

Easier said than done, but then EVERYTHING is easier said than done. 

On the point of "looking at people" when you talk to them, he told me had a bad habit of staring at the floor when he talks. Eye contact makes him nervous. 

This problem goes beyond "posture" perhaps, but then posture is not just physical is it? 

If your body conveys fear, you will never feel comfortable interacting with the world around you 

Aside from the phsyical benefits of improved skeletal alignment, aka, posture, there is the psychological effect of being more erect, being seen differently, changing how you show up in the world. 

Its powerful. This kind of health, once you have it, there is nothing you would ever trade it for. 

The Posture Program does what it says...

It will Change how the World Sees, and How You See Yourself

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