Don't Open this if you're a Manlet

"How do I short men need to train" 

I got this question yesterday, and I had to laugh. 

Short guys don't need to change ANYTHING about their training. THEY ARE SHORT

When you are shorter, you have natural biomechanical advantage in size and strength

  • Shorter ranges of motions
  • It takes less muscle energy to move the same amount of weight versus a taller lifter
  • Less stress on the low back during squats and deadlifts

Less stress on the elbows while working biceps and tricep

If you look at the best bodybuilders in the world, they are on average about 5'8. They are NOT tall guys at all. 

How come? For all the reasons above that make it easier for short men to build muscle

  • When you've got big ranges of motion, you need MORE muscle to move the same amount of weight
  • Your low back gets more stress from exercises like squats and deadlifts
  • Getting bigger requires more muscle because there is larger geographic length of muscle to add size too
  • Its easier to get tendonitis because of the increased joint stress

Tall men, unless they are blessed with a linemen sized skeletal structure, they NEED to be smarter about their training. Training is NOT the same. Exercise selection, range of motion, avoiding injury, progressive strength gains...

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