February Challenge, Daily Arm Training

You cannot "spot-burn" bodyfat. Hopefully this is not news to any of you.

Bodyfat storage is partially genetic, partially diet and lifestyle. The first place you gain weight is the last place you lost weight. The denser the stored fat, the longer it will take to lose.

Wanting to "Spot Burn" is akin to wanting to drain only the bottom half of a swimming pool. Its NOT happening.

That said...You can "spot build muscle". This is better known as the Priority Principle in the bodybuilding world. If you want increased muscle growth in a certain area, prioritize it! Train it more frequently, train it with more volume, train it the most effective movements possible for increased growth.

This takes us to the February Challenge...

Train Your Biceps and Triceps EVERY DAY THIS MONTH

100 biceps curls daily

100 tricep pushdowns daily

If your arms start to get beat up, cut the reps down to 50, but do NOT take any days off. Get at least high rep set in for biceps and triceps every day the rest of the month

I Will be doing this challenge myself...

Arms have always been a weak point of mine

​I've got long arms, long tendon attachments, short muscle bellies, and both my biceps and triceps would qualify as "stubborn" muscle groups. I was not blessed with round muscle bellies or sharp separation or "pleasing shape" to use super bro bodybuilding lingo. And trying to get growth over the years has always been an achingly slow and incremental process.

Recently, I was considering whether a short-term "blast approach" might work to improve this.

High frequency training has been around forever. Training a muscle every day, or every other day, its a well-established strategy for increased muscle growth.

On first principle level, its no different than any other kind skill acquisition; if you want to improve rapidly, practice daily.

How Does Training a Muscle Daily Actually Work for Increased Muscle Growth?

​Four Reasons

1. Myonuclei increase from training. The basic idea is this: the bigger the muscle, the more myonuclei it has. Myonuclei are the cellular structures INSIDE the muscle cell that are responsible for synthesizing protein that goes into muscle repair. Basically they function is to enable the muscle to recover and rebuild. Muscle cells, because of their immense size, they can have thousands of nuclei. Resistance training increases the number of myonuclei.

What has been found through both clinical research and through bodybuilding history is that short term spurts of high frequency/higher volume training can dramatically increase the myonuclei density, and consequently the muscle gets larger.

2. Androgen receptor increase. Androgen receptors are the signaling sites on the muscle that respond to testosterone. Testosterone as a hormone quite literally signals muscle tissue to grow. So along with myonuclei density inside the cell, you have androgen receptor density. The more receptors, the bigger the growth response.

Again, high frequency/higher volume training​ can increase androgen receptor density, thereby yielding more muscle growth.

3. Increased Protein synthesis. Protein synthesis is essentially the muscle repairing itself. This is body's adaptive response after training to recover. One of the major benefits of anabolic steroids is that protein synthesis stays elevated longer than a natural lifter. A natural lifter, protein synthesis increases after training, and tapers off in about 24-48 hours. (FYI, protein synthesis is not the ONLY recovery process happening. Connective tissue takes longer to recover than muscle, which is training a muscle too hard to frequently can lead to tendonitis. But lets not get sidetracked)

On steroid, protein synthesis lasts longer. This means the muscle recovers FASTER, and grows MORE.

For a natural lifter, the closest you can come to replicating this effect is through DAILY Training.

4. Increased Bloodflow. The better the bloodflow/nutrient flow to a muscle, the more it has what its needs to grow. Again, this another big benefit of anabolics, and the reason people that use them get the veiny look. Natural lifters, the way to get better bloodflow is through HIGHER REPS (something I harp on a lot if you want increased muscle growth)


BUT...lets not hurt ourselves, as Over-training is a REAL Risk

​You could go into the gym today, do a 2 hour arm workout, and do that same workout the next 28 days. You'd be injured fast.

What you can do is do "pump sets" daily.

Basically you train the muscle with light loads that you can get fatigued from doing high reps. These are called pump sets because of the big increase in bloodflow, and the subsequent burn effect and "full" feeling you have afterwards/

Said simple, its just doing high reps with light weight.

When you are training a muscle daily, this training creates a metabolic environment in the muscle that signals growth due to all the above factors listed, AND it also does NOT damage the muscle so much that you cannot recover and be prevented from training the next day.

Intensity and Frequency have an inverse relationship this way.

The Challenge Directions

From Now, February 2nd, until February 29th, you'll train arms daily.

You will 100 bicep curls

You will do 100 tricep pushdowns.

You can experiment with different grips on the exercises (say 50 forearm curls, and 50 hammer curls), but don't overcomplicate. Bands, cables, barbells, Dumbbells, etc, USE it all and keep interesting.

100 reps for biceps and triceps, DAILY.

For 28 Days. Exactly 4 Weeks

You don't do any other arm training besides this.

If you need ideas on exercises or technique or are uncertain of arm anatomy...

Get the 21 Guns Guide. That guide covers all the functional anatomy of training arms, the technique tips, as well the most effective exercises to do.



Im interested to see the different results people get. And it will be motivating when you are 10 days in and your arms are bigger already. 

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