How to Schedule Workouts...

Now that you are likely training from home, how should you organize your workouts? 

You can train total body every day of course, but you'll find quickly that your whole body does not recover at the same rate. 

A better way to train then is to alternate between Anterior and Posterior 

Ie, train your front, and then train your back

Anterior=All the muscles on the front of the body. Not a complicated term, it's used by fitness pros to categorize workouts in the muscles that get predominantly trained. 

Posterior=All the muscles on the front of the body. I talk about training the posterior chain a lot on all my social media accounts, because the back of the body is what is most responsible for posture, athletic power, and overall strength

What would this look like regards to a workout? Here are two examples below from the Home Workout Guide

Anterior Dominant Bodyweight Workout

Bulgarian Split Squats x10-15 each side

Judo Pushups x 6-10

Step ups x12-20 each leg

Incline Pushups (Put your feet on the box/bench chair) x8-15

Repeat by 3-5 rounds

Posterior Dominant Bodyweight Workout

T-Plank x 30-60 seconds

Single Leg Glute Bridge x 15-20

Chinups or pullups x 6-12

Superman Isometric Hold on the Floor x 60 seconds

Repeat by 3-5 rounds

This alternate schedule will give your body more rest, and you'll likely notice faster progress in strength than training the entire body every day. 

Let me know how it goes if you utilize it. 

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