How to Use High Bodyweight Exercises

I talked yesterday about common mistakes in bodyweight training, one of them being doing too many reps and too much volume. 

Today I wanted to give an example of how to use high reps intelligently 

  • Once a week
  • One exercise at a time
  • For the purpose of increased strength endurance and muscle mass

What would this look like? Check out the following workout

This the 300 Lower Body Workout

300 walking lunges, 150 per leg.

To be done short a time as possible.

These are to be done with BODYWEIGHT.

This workout is NOT something to do daily. Its a very high number of reps.

This workout is an example how to use very high reps on bodyweight training

It assumes you can lunge with good technique and have proficiency in the exercise.

If you are able to do it though, it has unique benefits

1. It trains the oxygen capacity of the muscles-you will notice that if you do this workout once a week for 4-6 weeks, that your leg endurance will improve in any knee dominant exercise

2. It trains lactic acid tolerance of the muscles-you will also notice that any high power output work you do, say heavy leg presses in the 15-20 range, or step-ups, or explosive squats, your legs are more resistant to the burn sensation and you can go longer performing reps

3. You'll notice increased hypertrophy of the quads, glutes, and hamstrings-As the oxygen capacity of the muscles increase, their hypertrophy potential increases as well. This is one of the overlooked aspects of hypertrophy: your body cannot grow muscle if it does not have the oxygen efficiency and underlying vascular blood supply to support that muscle

4. Mobility will increase-You have tight hip flexors and stiff hips? Properly performed lunges will remedy that as each step puts the hips into opposing flexion and extension.

5. You can do this anywhere-Literally anywhere. Lunges are like pushups. You avoid them because you'd rather not do them, not because you're unable to

Enjoy the workout!

It came from the guide.

Any Questions on the above, let me know.

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