Hypertrophy Fusion

Out of limitation is born innovation. Hypertrophy fusion was created from my experiments and research into training for muscle with limited training tools.

Basically, how do you train to build muscle if you have no barbell, no dumbbells, no machines, no cables, no real free weights of any kind?

What I realized in diving into the world of calisthenics and band training is that not only are these tools underrated for building muscle mass, they are arguably more effective than free weights.

Calisthenics are by far the most direct way to build muscle mass. The progress is obvious, the adaptation curve is quick, and while the most advanced movements certainly take time to build up to, the progression will happen so long as diligence and patience are applied.

Band training has a surprisingly large body of evidence for how effective it is. Bands have been popular in clinical rehab setting for decades, but in the last 10 years they’ve been used more and more in bodybuilding and sports training world, and they demonstrably work very well, even superior to some free weight exercises.

Combined together, you have a joint friendly, progressive program that will put muscle on anyone who applies it. 

I was pleasantly surprised the past 5 weeks to realize my own progressive strength gains from this training combo, and I found an entire online community of athletes who use it to immense effect. 

This program can be a legitimate paradigm changer to anyone who wants to maximize their athleticism and muscle building intelligence. 

  • 12 Weeks of Training
  • 4 Workouts Each Week
  • A simple Legs/Push/Pull split that rotates each week
  • Rings, Bands, and T-Handle are REQUIRED (I cover where to get these in the program)
  • Diet and what to eat is fully covered as well

The Program is only $15 dollars for the first 50. You are practically stealing this from me right now. 

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