July 4th Sale-Accelerated Fat Loss

The Accelerated Fat Loss program is a 90 day/3 month program designed for ONE thing, to drop bodyfat as fast as metabolically possible. 

It is a strict, calorie controlled diet plan, along with a total bodyworkout program designed to increase metabolic rate, and cardio to further increase the calorie deficit. 

The program is designed to produce 1-2 lbs of fat loss weekly for up to 12 weeks. 

This is not an "easy" program to follow. You WILL be hungry, you will need to endure a calorie deficit, you will need to follow as its written. 

If you do, you can expect consistent, week over week fat loss. 

It does require the usage of a gym (the program is a combination of free weights and bodyweight) 

For this weekend, its on sale for only $33, versus the normal price of $53

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