July 4th Sale-Longevity Program

Longevity Program is my guide for "older" trainees who are 35+. 

This program was written based on my experience training older population, as well as my personal experience with injuries, rehabilitation, and training to make gains in strength and muscle while staying injury free. 

The central premise of the program is simple: The more muscle you have, the better you will age. The average man or woman loses 1% of their lean body mass every year past the age of 30. 

As you lose muscle mass, your strength, durability, and metabolic health all decline. A lack of muscle is the biggest risk factor in all-cause mortality. 

Weak people die sooner, and suffer from more health issues. This is both common sense and scientific fact. 

Longevity lays out this reality in clear terms, and then gives you a strategy on how to avoid the problem completely 

  • Train for muscle mass and strength
  • Adjust exercises to be joint friendly
  • Train according to your capacity to recover 
  • Dispel limiting beliefs about being too old to make progress
  • Avoid common mistakes based on incorrect information or how you used to train when you were younger

A full 12 week program is included that applies all the principles discussed

Longevity Program is on sale for only $35, a major discount from its usual price of $55

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