July 4th Sale-Skinny Fat Manifesto

The Skinny-Fat Manifesto was written for those men who experience the unfortunate phenomenon of having very low muscle in combination with higher levels of bodyfat. 

These individuals don't have athletic genetics, and struggle to lose fat and build muscle.

They have too much excess fat to "bulk". 

But they also dont have enough muscle to make "cutting" worthwhile either. 

This in-between zone is frustrating and conventional diet and fitness advice is not helpful. 

The Skinny Fat Manifesto was written as a solution for these individuals. 

It describes how to achieve RECOMPOSITION, ie losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time

This requires precise dietary changes, lifestyle habits, and an intelligent approach to training that is customized to the body and ignores conventional advice. 

It contains over 8 individual programs to follow, ranging from 4-6 days weekly training 45-60 minutes at a time

This program has been very successful in the 2 years it was released (over 1,000 individuals have utilized it) 

This weekend of July 4th, it is only $30, a significant discount from the usual price of $50

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